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How to Calibrate Osmo Pocket’s Gimbal

How to Calibrate Osmo Pocket’s Gimbal

Press and hold the power function button for one second to power on the Osmo pocket. Swipe down on the main screen to enter the gimbal settings screen. Tap the Settings button, then tap the calibration button in the upper right corner. Tap OK and it will count down for 3 seconds, then the gimbal will automatically calibrate.

When gimbal calibrated is shown on the screen, tap Ok, then the Osmo pocket can be used to capture photos or videos normally. The gimbal can also be calibrated with the DJI memo app after connecting a mobile phone. Tap the Settings icon on the lower left corner of the screen and gimbal and handle.

Tap calibration beside gimbal auto calibration, place the gimbal on a flat surface and tap start on the auto calibration prompt. During the calibration, place the device on a flat surface and do not touch the device. The calibration is complete when the app shows that the calibration is successful.

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