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How to Activate Osmo Pocket

How to Activate Osmo Pocket

Before activation, download DJI MIMI from the App Store. Power on the Osmo pocket, remove the universal ports cover and mount the smartphone adapter. Connect the mobile device to the Osmo pocket with the smartphone adapter and the DJI MIMO app will pop up automatically. If your device is not activated the app will automatically enter the activation screen.

Turn on upload device information and authorize the server to upload the Osmo pockets information for activation, then tap next. When a, please activate after login prompted show, tap logging. You can register an account or login with your DJI account. After logging in confirm the activation account and tab activation.

Keep your mobile phone connected to the internet and wait until the device has communicated with the server. When the app prompts that the activation is successful, the activation is complete.

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