We are a DJI Authorized Dealer

We are a DJI Authorized Dealer

Repair or upgrade. You can have 100% confidence in DroneNerds' workmanship and service abilities.
Drone Nerds Service: Quadcopter & Drone Repairs

Drone Nerds Service: Quadcopter & Drone Repairs

Drone Nerds is here for you! Crashed your Multirotor or Quadcopter?
Don't despair! Unable to load the latest firmware? Need an upgrade?

DroneNerds' skilled repair engineers were trained at the DJI facility and can get your craft back in the air in no time. We test fly every repaired aircraft and all of our work is guaranteed.

We are the largest DJI Authorized Service & Repair center in the US. Our engineers were trained to diagnose and repair the entire DJI product line at the DJI headquarters. This means you can have 100% confidence in DroneNerds' workmanship and service abilities whether it's a Mavic,
Phantom, Inspire, Matrice or anything else that needs repairing.

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How it works

This service includes a complete inspection of your aircraft to determine any issues and needed fixes.

Once the inspection is complete our technical team will contact you and give you an estimate of repair cost and needed parts. If you approve the repairs, we will complete them and also update all firmware, re-calibrate your vehicle, and test fly it before sending it back to you.

1.Crash or want to upgrade up your drone?

2.Request repair ticket on website or over phone

3.Receive email with instructions how to send your drone.

4.we send you an email showing pics of what was received.

5.We send you an estimate of costs for repair.

6.If you approve, drone is repaired.

If you don’t accept, we charge a $69 diagnostic fee.

7.We will fix your drone and do a test flight to confirm.

8.After testing, you’ll GET an email with a link to pay online.

9.You receive your drone and you’re flying again.

7,413 certified reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say about our workmanship & repair service.

“With nearly every reseller of DJI having to abide by the same pricing requirements, the only real deciding factor is where you should buy from. It seems a "no-brainer" to me that you should buy from a company that actually builds, flies and repairs DJI drones. Can you imagine what sort of technical support or advice you would be from a big box store or a large internet shipping house? Although these guys are listed as authorized resellers (just look at the list on DJI website to know who I am talking about) if you had a problem with your drone what do you think they are going to have you do? Do you think any of them support modding your drone for FPV or long range? I did a lot of research on each of the authorized resellers and DroneNerds reputation has preceded them. I am not only impressed with their website, Speed of delivery (2 days to my door) but they had the thing in stock! Although I would have waited if they didn't have my Phantom 3 in stock, but they did! - Well done DN! Reviewer”


“I was very hesitant about using a remote repair shop that I found on the internet, but could not find local DJI Phantom drone repair in my area. After checking out several sites, I contacted DroneNerds expecting to not hear back quickly, etc., especially after hearing the horror stories of the DJI company repair service on time to repair, unresponsive, etc. You guys blew me away with your customer responsiveness! And I like how you send a picture back of what you received from the customer in the mail, and quick replies to email and phone queries. I will continue to use you for my repair needs, and would highly recommend you to others. I used to manage a 100-employee customer support group so I know good customer service when I see it. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks.”

Mark G

“My drone was mysteriously shot down on 4th of July and crashed into a pond while filming fireworks display. Drone Nerds performed a successful surgery on my DJI phantom 2 vision+ and i was so thankful for it I ended up buying a DJI phantom 3 Pro. from them also. The time frame in which they had it repaired was acceptable, knowing i was not the only drone shot down. "shot down" = user error. FYI Drones do not float YET! Thanks for your help and support Drone Nerds, yours truly,”


our expert team

Our drone specialists have many years of experience in repairing every type of craft out there; quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, and full custom solutions. Whether you need your DJI Mavic repaired, or a DJI Matrice 300 custom built solution, we will have you up in the air in no time. With 1000s and 1000s of drones repaired at our facility over the last 5+ years, we have the experience to suit any need!

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