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How to Connect Osmo Pocket to the Mobile Device Wirelessly

How to Connect Osmo Pocket to the Mobile Device Wirelessly

The Osmo pocket can connect your mobile device wirelessly. Ensure that the cover is mounted to the universal port or the smartphone adapters attached to the port facing towards the inside. Method one, connecting via Bluetooth. Press and hold the power function button for one second to power on the Osmo pocket. Insert the Osmo pocket into the wireless module and wireless module connected will be shown on the screen and the status LED will turn solid red.

Turn the mobile phones Bluetooth on and launch DJI Mimo app. Tap the camera' icon on the upper left corner of the screen and then tap Bluetooth. The app will prompt that, it is checking whether the Bluetooth communication between the mobile phone and Osmo pocket is normal. Tap next, select the required device under the device list and tap connect.

When DJI MIMO app requests connection is shown on the Osmo pocket, tap accept then a MIMO Wi-Fi wants to join WLAN network Osmo pocket prompt will be shown in the app. Tap join, then the device is connected.

Method two, connecting via Wi-Fi. Insert the Osmo pocket into the wireless module, open your phone's WLAN settings then select Osmo pocket and input the default password 12341234. After the Wi-Fi is connected, launch DJI memo app and the camera view will be shown. Now the Osmo pocket can be controlled wirelessly to capture photos and videos.

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