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How to Update Osmo Pocket‘s Firmware

How to Update Osmo Pocket‘s Firmware

Before updating ensure that the SD card is inserted in the Osmo pocket and it has more than 100 megabytes of storage remaining. Press and hold the power function button for one second to turn on the Osmo pocket and connect the mobile device to the Osmo pocket with the smartphone adapter, then DJI memo will automatically pop up. When there is new firmware available and prompt will be shown in the app, notifying you to update the firmware. Tap download and start downloading the firmware package.

After the download a new firmware ready to update prompt will pop up. Tap the prompt to enter the firmware installation screen. The firmware version and update information will be shown on the screen. Tap install and the app will automatically update the firmware. During the installation make sure that the mobile device and Osmo pocket are connected.

If the status LED blinks green and red, alternatively the firmware is updated. When the update process reaches 100%, the firmware update is successful and the Osmo pocket will restart automatically. Tap complete to use the updated device.

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