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5 Tips for Using DJI Smart Controller

5 Tips for Using DJI Smart Controller

Check out these DJI Smart Controller tips for an easier flight!

Don’t disturb mode: To have a more peaceful flight, you can go to Apps>Settings>Notifications, and enable the Aerial Photography Do Not Disturb Mode. So after launching DJI GO 4, all notifications will only be shown in the notification bar.

After connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can make a video call to your friend using a third-party app and share their real-time aerial video transmission using Sky Talk. You can optimize the signal transmission by adjusting the antennas. Align the antennas with the aircraft's position to ensure the best connection between the drone and the remote controller.

Finished shooting? Let’s start sharing! Open the shortcut menu choose go share and the QR code will pop up on the screen. Launch DJI GO 4 on a mobile phone, go to the Editor page, enter Go Share, then scan the QR code to connect the devices. After the remote controller is connected to your mobile phone, you can download videos and photos in batches and share the best moments with your friends.

Now you know these simple techniques. You can learn more by going to “Tips” on the DJI Smart Controller’s functions screen.

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