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DJI Tutorial Video - How to Measure the Wind Speed during Flight

DJI Tutorial Video - How to Measure the Wind Speed during Flight

How to measure the wind speed during flight. Flying your drone at a high altitude to shoot some stunning aerial photos can be great fun. However, often the higher you go the stronger the wind becomes. So drone operators need to know how to fly safely by measuring the wind speed based on the attitude indicator shown in DJI go 4. When the aircraft takes off in a sense tap the button on the upper right corner of the FPB screen to display the attitude indicator that shows the aircrafts attitude. When the drone hovers in place the blue level will cover the lower semi-circle part. When the aircraft flies forward, backward, to the left or right the blue level will ascend, descend or incline to the corresponding side. If the roll stick is pushed to the right the drone flies to the right and the blue level will tilt towards the right.

In GPS mode if the attitude indicator is tilted greatly but the control sticks are not being pushed it indicates that the aircraft is adjusting its angle to resist the wind. The inclined direction represents the direction of the wind. If the drone is moving at a consistent horizontal speed with no control input from the operator then the wind speed has exceeded the speed that the aircraft can resist and you should land the drone as soon as possible. When there are heavy winds during flight a warning will pop up in DJI go 4 and the aircraft needs to be landed quickly.

Normally the wind’s effect on an airborne drone is greater than that on the operator at ground level. So the wind level of the weather forecast can only serve as a reference. The wind power at a high altitude may be much larger than the weather forecast. If you feel a strong wind on the ground do not fly the drone. Strong winds make controlling the aircraft more complex. When the drone is resisting the wind its battery drains much faster and its RPH speed may also be affected. If a strong wind warning is shown during flight land your drone in a safe place as soon as possible to avoid any flight accident due to a low battery level error.

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