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Safety Tips - Safe usage of video positioning system module

Safety Tips - Safe usage of video positioning system module

Safe usage of video positioning system module. Where is the VPS module located? VPS module including video positioning system and ultrasonic altitude hold system are located on the bottom of phantom 3. When the VPS is disabled aircraft drifts on one level. When the sonar feature is disabled aircraft can’t hold altitude while VPS is working normally aircraft hovers properly. On a flight altitude lower than 3 meters VPS works normal with clear floor pattern and good lighting. On a flight altitude higher than 3 meters (10ft) VPS module cannot be used.

So what else can prevent VPS from normal operation? 1. Fast flying lower than 0.5m VPS, VPS will not be working. 2. On solid color surface, a sold red, yellow, blue etc. Surface with a few patterns or tiny texture is not appropriate to use video positioning system. 3. Having moving objects under the aircraft. VPS will not be working. Some animals can be sensitive to the sonar and behave strangely. Please keep the distance away from animals while using VPS. 4. Fast changing of environment over brightness and darkness will cause VPS fail. 5. Inclined surfaces more than 30 degrees can lead ultrasonic altitude hold system to efficiency drop. 6. Flying surfaces that can absorb sound waves lead to ultrasonic altitude hold system failure. For example thick carpets. 7. Flying above transparent objects or water VPS is invalid.

How to turn off VPS. Please enter MC Settings in DJI Go app. Tap advanced settings, turn of VPS. To avoid risk of unstable flight indoors please check if your environment and ground surface are appropriate for safe flight. Please be careful using your aircraft indoors with limited space and bad aerodynamic environment.

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