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How to Rotate the Ronin-S 360 Degrees

How to Rotate the Ronin-S 360 Degrees

In this video we will show you, how to operate the Ronin-S. Before using the Ronin-S a symbol and balance the Ronin-S. For more details about balancing watch the Ronin s balance adjustment tutorial video, press the grip power button once to turn on the grip then press and hold the gimbal power button for several seconds.

When a beep is heard the Ronin-S is powered on. Thanks to the unlimited movement of an axis, the Ronin-S is capable of performing a continuous 360-degree rotation. launch the Ronin app, go to configuration, control settings, channels, remap channel 3 to the Roll axis and set the channel 1 and channel 2 to N/A. Then press and hold the trigger, hold the Ronin-S horizontally to inter flashlight mode.

Double press the trigger to re-center the gimbal. Push the joystick left or right to get the gimbal rolling continuously.

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