Micasense Altum-PT Multispectral Kit


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Altum-PT is an optimized 3-in-1 solution for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research. It seamlessly integrates an ultra-high-resolution panchromatic imager, a new thermal imager that provides twice the ground resolution of the previous Altum, and five discrete spectral bands, allowing plant-level applications such as early-stage stand counting. Altum-PT also features a global shutter for distortion-free results, open APIs, and a new storage device allowing for up to 2 captures/second.

The Altum-PT sensor kit comes with: Altum-PT sensor, DLS 2 with embedded GPS, Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP 2), USB WiFi dongle, lens cover, necessary integration cables, assorted mounting hardware, CFexpress card, CFexpress card reader, Hard Carrying Case, Quick Start Guide.

Calibrated Multispectral Imagery
CRP 2 A new compact version of our Calibrated Reflectance Panel. Same functionality, now in a smaller size and easier to carry!

DLS 2 Our next-generation light sensor, with cutting-edge technology for irradiance and sun angle measurements. It provides more accurate, reliable data, greatly reduces the need for post-processing, and substantially improves radiometric accuracy. With the integrated GPS, setup with any aircraft is simple.

Synchronized Thermal and Multispectral Imagery
The MicaSense Altum-PT captures synchronized multispectral, thermal, and panchromatic data for pixel-aligned outputs at incredibly high resolutions. The capture of these bands happens simultaneously, eliminating the need for data alignment in post-processing.

Ultra-High Resolution, Unlimited Analytical Capabilities
RGB, multispectral, and thermal imagery at higher resolutions for advanced vegetation research applications.

Irrigation Scheduling
Determining irrigation time, frequency, and duration is a critical factor in production agriculture since it directly impacts the health of crops. Altum-PT thermal imagery provides powerful insights into water management, helping irrigation managers determine the correct watering and identify leaks or clogs in the irrigation system by the difference in crop canopy and soil temperature.

Fruit Yield Estimations
Popular fruit yield estimation methods like manual fruit count or time series analysis are time-consuming and expensive. Altum-PT offers a combination of high-resolution RGB, multispectral, and thermal imagery, enabling more precise yield predictions by allowing algorithm-based fruit counts and temperature analysis.

Disease, Pest and Nutrient Deficiency Detection
With the high-resolution multispectral imagery from Altum-PT, users have a better chance to identify problems affecting the physiology of the plant canopy. Diseases, insects, and nutrient issues often cause physiological damage before symptoms are visible in RGB. Using the different multispectral indices and composites of the pan-sharpened data, these issues can be detected sooner.

Water Stress Prediction
Canopy temperature is a valuable indicator of plant stress. Altum-PT thermal imager allows farmers to periodically evaluate plant physiological status and detect subtle changes in canopy temperature that could be an indicator of water stress.

Plant Phenotyping
Manually measuring plant characteristics is time-consuming. Altum-PT captures more data in less time, allowing researchers to more easily understand how different traits react to different growing conditions.

Pressure Issues and Clog Detection in Irrigation Systems
Altum-PT's thermal imagery can help identify clogs and irrigation leaks through the water cooling effects or lack thereof on the vegetation and ground. Areas with excessive irrigation will appear noticeably cooler than the rest of the field. Areas with no irrigation will show higher temperatures than the rest of the field.

Micasense Increases Data Accuracy and Repeatability
We focus on accuracy and repeatability in our data so that you can trust the results of your analysis.
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