Hoodman Launch Pad 21" Landing Pad


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Hoodman invented professional, rugged, weighted perimeter drone landing pads that do not require stakes to keep them in place. Our new LP21 pad is a weighted drone landing pad for consumers with small drones who are searching for a great value online.  Hoodman developed a unique patent pending design that sandwiches 6 triangular plastic inserts between two rugged vinyl outer skins. The LP21 pad conforms to the terrain and hugs the ground like no other pad can. Your drone will not blow the pad away. Each pad has a florescent orange side for day flights and a florescent green side for night flights.  A compass rose is printed on each side so that the pad can be a quick reference for compass headings for drone pilots. The Unique tri-fold pad folds 3 times to 1/6th of its 21-inch deployed size and comes with a rubber belt.

Hoodman drone landing pads are simple to deploy: Just throw and go.