DJI Mini 3 Prop Cage Case


GPC DJI Mini 3 Prop Cage Case
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The DJI Mini 3 has become a tool of great significance when using propeller guards used for indoor and close-quarters environments. We designed this case for Enterprise and Public Safety professionals who want to transport their Mini 3 with the 360 propeller cages attached enabling quick deployment. The case will accommodate either the RC-N1, RC w/*GPC RC Controller Lanyard Bracket or RC Pro w/ *GPC RC Controller Lanyard Bracket and will hold more gear than the basic Fly More Combo items.

We evaluated the market demands and designed the GPC case to fit for a total of 8 batteries including one in the Mini 3 and 3 in the hub. This configuration is designed to fit the DJI 360 cage. We also made cavities for the *GPC Micro SD Card Holder and *GPC LensPen MicroPro. You also have cavities for other accessories like the screwdriver and spare props.

Finally, we designed this super-compact case for easy carry and storage in and out of your vehicles.

GPC DJI Mini 3 Prop Cage Case
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DJI Mini 3
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