Freefly Alta X (DIU Blue Package)


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We designed Alta X from the ground up to capitalize on the benefits of large, efficient props while maintaining the crisp control and unmatched precision the Alta line is known for.

This special edition Alta X comes with a DIU approved radio controller for a job or client that requires that you fly a DIU blue listed aircraft.

What makes this Alta X special?

  • It features a US-made PX4 Blue Cube.
  • The Blue Cube is equipped with firmware that permanently disables WiFi to comply with DIU Blue requirements and can only have Blue qualified firmware installed in the field. 
  • This kit, as it ships with the UXV Controller, is certified Blue by DIU. 


  • Alta X (with PX4 Blue Cube, RFD900, F9P GPS)
  • UXV Navigator Tab


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Freefly Alta X
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