Firehouse "Micro" Pro Series UAS Drone Strobe Spot Light 1200 Lumen FAA 107 Compliant


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The smallest, brightest waterproof encased navigation strobe to date and the brightest self contained strobe on the market at 1200 Lumens (white).

1.25" x 3/4" x .5" Low Profile narrower design allows mounting on smaller surface like arms! Design. Angled lens Fresnel type lens for better side visibility, Waterproof, New mixed strobe/flash mode, Flicker free in steady mode. Weight is .2 oz No impact on flight dynamics or drag due to its low profile design. Integrated on off button on side to prevent accidental activation. FAA compliant testing documents in the package to assist with night waivers, we also can provide support for folks that are applying for night waiver. (email us)

Firehouse Tech