Drone Nerds Custom Matrice 600 Payload System with RC


This payload is specifically designed with first responders and search and rescue teams in mind.
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This version is specially designed to use the power output on the M600 and has its own remote controller that allows you to trigger the payload at any time. Just like the self-powered version, this version also features our quick deployment and connect feature which uses our “clamp and screw” style Payload System to secure the asset to the UAV. Just run the power cables to the expansion port on the back of your drone, secure the clamp and tighten the screw and you are ready to take off.

The M600 is a little different but just as easy to integrate. It simply mounts to the drone’s camera rail system. From there, you just need to run the provided power cables to the power port on the bottom of your drone, tighten the screws and you’re ready to take off.

With our new smart remote control, it’s as easy as turning the system on, follow the on-screen guide, and in 2 steps, you’re ready for deployment. You don't need to access an app to deploy - just hold the 2 buttons on the RC and your payload is triggered. Our system is also redundant, giving you peace of mind that the payload was deployed where you want it to be.

Range is also not an issue as you’ve got over 10Km of solid communication between the Payload System and our Smart Remote Controller.

Specs and what’s included

  • Over 10Km of range (line of sight)
  • Easy mount (clip-on)
  • 10x the weight capacity of what the drone itself can carry (see Matrice 600 user manual)
  • Easily actuate the payload release system with the push of a button located on the side of the payload carrying system itself.
  • Smart handheld controller can trigger the payload manually or automatically
  • 2-button system to avoid accidental manual deployment
  • RC with built-in battery
This payload is specifically designed with first responders and search and rescue teams in mind.
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DJI Matrice 600
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