Chasing M2 S ROV Underwater Drone (100M)


CHASING M2 S is an industrial-grade revolutionary underwater robot with upgraded intelligent flight control system and image algorithm, bringing unprecedented underwater perception and freedom of movement. 100M
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Chasing M2 S Underwater Drone

Industrial-Grade Underwater ROV

Using an open-body design, a sophisticated flight control system, and an imaging algorithm, the innovative underwater robot Chasing M2 S(100M) provides unmatched underwater perception and freedom of movement. The performance of underwater operation is ensured by the flagship sealed structure, 8 symmetrical vectored-thrusters, and anti-stuck C-Motor 3.0. The ROV efficiently completes inspection jobs in a variety of underwater working settings across a range of industries since it is small, light, and simple to operate.

C-Sense Control System, Flexible and Stable

NeptuneX Intelligent Flight Control System

8 vectored-thrusters and Butterfly wing outline

Apex anti-stuck C-Motor 3.0

Flagship airtight structure

NeptuneX Intelligent Flight Control System

The CHASING M2 S can retain its movement direction even in the presence of external force interference or challenging operating conditions because to the proprietary CHASING navigation algorithm, which enables more precise operation.

8 Vectored-thrusters and Butteryfly Wing Outline

Maintains the symmetrical vector arrangement of the eight thrusters from CHASING. Adopts a design where translation and rotation are independent of one another.

The butterfly's front and back wings have a sleek appearance that makes them easier to recognize and protects the propeller.

Apex Anti-stuck C-Motor 3.0

The CHASING M2 S's third-generation Apex Anti-stuck C-Motor 3.0 uses a novel anti-stuck technique and magnet protection technology that not only maintains power supply but also significantly lowers electrochemical corrosion and aggregation rust brought on by motor wear. Stronger anti-stuck performance makes it more dependable to use.

Flagship Airtight structure

To further increase the stability of underwater operations, completely revamp the main cabin's waterproof structure and illumination.

All scenarios application

The CHASING M2 S offers effective solutions for underwater observation tasks in a variety of industries, including underwater photography, hull and dock inspection, fishery and aquaculture monitoring, underwater emergency rescue, scientific exploration, water conservancy and hydrapower inspection, and pipeline inspection.

Swappable battery

A standard 97.68Wh battery in the CHASING M2 S can run the device for up to 4 hours. The battery compartment is ready for usage, and an optional 200Wh backup battery can be used to provide extended operation.

Handy and transportable

The CHASING M2 S is lightweight and has a small body. Quick deployment and single-person operation provide a productive operating environment in a range of circumstances.

Capture every detail underwater 

  • 4K Video 
  • 12 Megapixel 
  • 1p er tu re/2.3 SONY CMOS
  • F2.* Aperture 
  • EIS 
  • 4000lm LED 

A fully updated imaging algorithm called CHASING Aquavision

The undersea light, physical light path, environmental factors, optical identification and tracking system, and color restoration algorithm all work together to significantly improve image transparency, clarity, color layering, and noise.

  • The 512G-capable 64G SD memory card is detachable.
  • Live-Stream
  • Social media sharing 
  • HDMI output
  • Take pictures while recording video 
  • Time-saving photography 
  • Quick editing tools 

User-friendly dialogue

Easy communication between the operator and the ROV. expert remote control and the CHASING App. The operator has the ability to log information like as temperature and depth.

  • Support VR 
  • Observer mode 
  • Multiple people watching 
CHASING M2 S is an industrial-grade revolutionary underwater robot with upgraded intelligent flight control system and image algorithm, bringing unprecedented underwater perception and freedom of movement. 100M
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  • Adapter cable (US) *1
  • EPP case *1
  • M2 charging adapter cable *1
  • towel *1
  • GoPro mount *1
  • ROV Maintenance Manual (General Edition) *1
  • RC3 Controller User Manual (General Edition) *1
  • Warranty Card *1