The RED Cinema Helium 8K S35 Sensor is the new standard of professional digital filmmaking. Helium delivers superb cinematic detail in ultra-high definition despite low light and conditions of overexposure. How detailed is 8K video? It has 17 times the pixels of 1080p. That means RED Brains with Helium sensors shooting at full 8K video are generating images at an astounding 35.4MP — far superior to all but a few still cameras. And Brains with Helium 8K S35 Sensors save you a bundle by doing it all on the interchangeable lenses you probably already have.

Helium sensor-equipped RED camera bodies are extremely intelligent. They can simultaneously transfer data at rates up to 275Mbps, record REDCODE RAW, and proxy 4K ApplePro Res or Avid DNxHR.

RED Helium 8K Sensor Brains feature:

  • Camera bodies to fit a wide range of budgets
  • Compatibility with lenses from Panasonic Lumix, Nikon, Canon or Leica
  • Expanded versatility with interchangeable lens mounts
  • Interchangeable Optical Low Pass Filters
  • Compatibility with many accessories, including shoulder-mount gimbals, handheld gimbals and suspended gimbals
  • Remote control capability
  • Magnesium and aluminum construction that makes the strong but light weight for mounting on heavy-lift drones

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