DJI™ Matrice 600 Parts & Accessories

DJI Matrice 600 parts and accessories from help you outfit your hexacopter to suit your particular needs. The Matrice 600 is highly customizable, especially important in industrial applications. Its gimbals and cameras are interchangeable, and it accepts expansion bays. We stock or can order the parts you’ll need to complete customization.

Matrice 600 parts and accessories allow you to:

  • Mount and connect gimbals and cameras
  • Choose a gimbal/camera combination, including a camera with up to 30X optical zoom
  • Replace the antenna
  • Add an extension bay for custom or third-party instrumentation
  • Add batteries singly or in multiples
  • Charge batteries in a hub or carrying case
  • Reduce transporting to one case
  • Add IMUs and GNSS units
  • Improve command by adding a remote control

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