Teal 2 sUAS Drone System 2.4Ghz with FLIR Hadron 640R EO/IR Payload


Secure & encrypted communication. Equipped with the FLIR Hadron 640R EO/IR payload.
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Teal 2

Rugged, Secure, and Optimized for Nighttime Operations

Secure & encrypted communication

High endurance & long range

Equipped with the FLIR Hadron 640R EO/IR payload

Multi-vehicle command & control

Fast to deploy and stow

Maximum flight time: 30+ minutes

Teal 2 is an American-made, secure sUAS with Electro-Optical & Infrared Sensors, and onboard computing built for nighttime missions.


Dominate the Night with the Teal 2

Developed under strict design guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Defense, Teal 2’s primary application is short-range reconnaissance missions. Combat soldiers, police officers, firefighters, wildlife managers, and industrial inspectors can rely on the Teal 2 to achieve mission success.

Fly Intelligent Missions at Night

Get Ready for Your Missions with a Compact & Rugged Drone. Teal 2's compact size and rugged design enables the system to be rucksack portable and deployed in the most challenging environments.

Increase Visibility in Challenging Scenarios

The Teal 2 sUAS, equipped with Teledyne FLIR’s new Hadron 640R sensor, provides end users with the highest resolution thermal imaging in a small (Group 1) form factor and is optimized for nighttime operations.
Electro-Optical (EO) Sensor: Convert light or changes in light into electronic signals for full visibility.
Infrared (IR) Sensor: Identify targets, track movement, and assess threats more easily.

Enhance Your Missions with Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology

Teal 2 provides complete-visibility heat signatures with a full range of thermal palettes that let you see what others can't. From White Hot to Arctic, the drone's color palettes allow drone pilots to obtain a high level of detail, quickly detect sources, identify thermal anomalies, and more. Optimize your operations with the game-changing capabilities of Teal 2's thermal heat signatures.

Secure & encrypted communication. Equipped with the FLIR Hadron 640R EO/IR payload.
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TEAL 2 SYSTEM - 2.4GHz Includes: (1) Teal 2 2.3GHz with Hadron Payload with 16MP EO and 640x512 R IR, (1) Teal Air Controller (TAC), (2) battery/charger kits (ea kit includes 1 charger & 2 batteries), Teal 2 Transport Case, Teal 2 Tactical Cases, (1) Field Repair Kit (tools, (2) rotor arms, (1 set) propellers, Micro SD card), (1) Quick Start Guide