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Inspired Flight IF1200A

Unrivaled Endurance. Limitless Possibilities.

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Elevate Your Mission

Meticulously designed for repeatable and robust workflows in the most demanding applications including, but not limited to, powerline inspections, precise LiDAR mapping, aerial photogrammetry, rapid emergency response, vital government tasks, and so much more. The IF1200 enables users to complete their objectives safely while vastly improving operational efficiency and bottom-line.

Industry Leading Flight Time and Payload Capacity with the Inspired Flight IF1200A

Category-leading flight times and an optimal user experience make the Inspired Flight IF1200A the heavy-lift platform of choice for the most risk-averse operators in North America. 

  • Minute Flight Time (w/ Reserve): 23-43 Minutes
  • Max Payload Weight (lbs): 19.1

Fully Integrated Sensors for Inspection, Mapping, and LiDAR Applications

Not just an aircraft, the IF1200A has numerous fully-integrated payloads. Tightly integrated sensors allow operators to efficiently and safely get their job done, driving large increases in operational efficiency and cost savings over the impressive 5+ year projected lifetime of the system. 

The SAFE drone™

The IF1200A's SAFE drone™ feature enables the hexacopter to maintain secure and stable during flight, even in the highly unlikely event of a motor failure. The IF1200A quickly alerts the operator to land immediately and switch to a safe manual flying mode, providing operators of high-value cargoes and any assets below with the ultimate sense of security.

Featured Payloads (not included)

  • Workswell WIRIS Enterprise: 
    • Radiometric 640x512 LWIR sensor
    • 30x optical zoom Full HD Sensor
    • High-resolution 16mpx fixed RGB sensor
  • Phase One P3: 
    • 50-100mpx high-accuracy imagery
    • Laser rangefinder for auto-focus
    • Fully integrated gimbal
    • Laser Rangefinder
  • SONY A7R: 
    • 61mpx 35mm full-frame sensor
    • Interchangeable lens options
    • ideal for mapping or inspection
  • LiDAR:
    • Integrates with all LiDAR payloads <9KG

Safe and Capable

The SAFE drone™ capability allows the IF1200A to maintain safe and controlled flights, even in the extremely unlikely event of a motor failure. The IF1200A is able to immediately alert the operator to land immediately and remain in a safe manual flying configuration, providing the ultimate piece of mind to operators with valuable payloads and/or underlying assets.

Made in the USA

100% manufactured and supported in San Luis Obispo, CA, USA the IF1200A will be the ultimate tool for your enterprise in support of a variety of industrial applications.

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Inspired Flight
  • Inspired Flight IF1200A Hexacopter
  • Blue Herelink Ground Control Station
  • 6x Folding Propellers
  • 2x Spare Folding Propellers
  • Rugged Transport Case
  • Inspired Flight 90 Day Limited Warranty