DJI™ Ronin 2 Gimbal

Get the sophistication you need in a 3-axis gimbal for stabilizing cinema-quality video, and eliminate many technical and equipment problems you’ve come to expect. The Ronin 2 is versatile, strong and lightweight. DJI designed and engineered the Ronin 2 to handle serious cameras and lenses for serious filmmaking. Its 30-pound payload can accommodate RED Cinema cameras and competing lines. Setup is easy and quick, regardless of the camera line you mount because of AutoTune, ergonomic adjustment knobs, and extendable arms. You’ll benefit from extended remote control, adaptability to a wide array of equipment, and improved connectivity.

Top Ronin 2 features:

  • 3-axis gimbal with stronger motors
  • 2-axis lock
  • Carbon fiber build
  • Payload of nearly 30 pounds
  • Extendable arms to fit bigger camera systems
  • Compatible with more sophisticated camera/lens combinations, including RED Cinema

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Additional Ronin 2 Features

  • Integrated display
  • Simplified setup with more adjustment knobs
  • Reduced cabling
  • Quick-release grip
  • Mountable on drones, jibs, cables, cranes, tripods, Steadicams, rolling vehicles
  • Remote control up to 0.62 mile
  • Battery life: 2.5 hours on single battery, 5 hours on pair
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Splash-proof motor housings
  • Improved connectivity: four 14.4v out sockets, two 12.6v DC out sockets, two 12.6v P-tap sockets, SDI, USB, UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter)

Using the Ronin 2

Three modes encompass handheld use: underslung, upright and briefcase. The Ronin 2 is light enough that even with a substantial camera/lens configuration mounted, it generates little operator fatigue and can be passed from one operator to another. Let’s cut to the chase: With its quick release mount, Ronin 2 can go easily from handheld use to mounting on a Steadicam or rolling vehicle, even mid-scene. It also adapts to heavy-lift drones, cables, jibs and cranes.

Want a convenient readout of settings? An ultra-bright touchscreen is built in, so you can adjust your RED camera on the go. Need remote control at up to six-tenths of a mile? It’s there.  Need wind resistance to 70 mph while your vehicle-mounted camera travels at high speed? The Ronin 2 can do that, too. Does your schedule call for continuous shooting? Batteries last up to five hours, and dual batteries can be hot-swapped so you never miss a frame — not one breath-taking spill, not a single romantic nuance.

High-Performance Filming

A new GPS adds accuracy to shooting at high speed with a Ronin 2-mounted camera. SmoothTrack has been upgraded, compared to the original Ronin. The gimbal supports time lapse and panoramic scenes. The Ronin 2 is cross-compatible with other stabilization systems. It has the capacity to power mounted cameras. And memory allows you to return to a previously used gimbal setup.  

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