Epson Moverio BT-35E HDMI/USB-C Smart Glasses


HDMI & USB-C Powered Smart Glasses
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Seamlessly blend digital content into the outside world with the Moverio BT-35E smart glasses, featuring an interface unit with HDMI and USB Type-C ports to connect to popular output devices. It’s like having a wearable second screen, while still seeing the surrounding environment via the transparent HD display. Offering an easy out-of-box experience, the BT-35E connects to virtually any device - no need for special software. And, its interface does not require an external power source when used with a compatible USB Type-C output device. Ideal for use with commercial drones, third-party camera systems and Android™ mobile devices1, the BT-35E easily accommodates different head sizes.

Game-changing, plug-and-play wearable display

HDMI & USB-C Compatible

Bring the utility and convenience of a heads-up display to your application without having to change platforms or develop a dedicated app.

Keep your head up and hands free

Si-OLED Powered Binocular Display.

Full of possibilities

MOVERIO’s innovative wearable display technology combined with the flexibility of an HDMI or USB-C video input creates countless opportunities to change the way you work and play.

For Commercial Drone

Plug your FPV video feed directly into the MOVERIO glasses to fly safer and maintain line-of-sight with your aircraft.

For Second Screen Users

The heads-up display of the MOVERIO glasses can mirror important information from your computer screen into your field of view. This enables you to keep your hands free and your eyes on your work.

For Visitor Experience

Use MOVERIO to create a custom tailored experience for each visitor. The wearable display is perfect for subtitling and translation.

HDMI & USB-C Powered Smart Glasses
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  • Seamlessly blend digital content into the outside world — binocular, highly transparent Si-OLED HD wearable display that gives users a second-screen experience
  • Compatible with popular devices — works with HDMI 1.4 and USB Type-C output devices, including Android mobile devices1
  • Simple, out-of-the-box setup — intuitive interface unit; easy plug-and-play operation
  • No external power source required (USB Type-C) — interface also supports external power packs, via micro USB port
  • Innovative design — flexible, hinge-based headset accommodates a wide range of head sizes; comfortable fit; durable enough for daily use
  • Dual (binocular) displays — each lens has its own display, in your field of vision, projected into your surroundings; ideal for stereoscopic 3D content
  • ANSI certified protective shield — ANSI Z87.1 safety-glass compliant
  • Supports HDCP 1.4 for copyright protection — enables access to protected content
  • Moverio BT-35E Headset
  • Interface Unit
  • AC Adapter (with attachment plug)
  • USB Cable (for power supply only)
  • ANSI Shields (clear and shaded)
  • Belt Clip
  • Cable Retainer
  • Screw
  • Warranty
  • Semi-hard Carrying Case