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DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter - The Everyday Flycam

Mavic Mini is an easy-to-use, affordable flying camera for capturing all your fun. Truly compact, portable consumer quadcopters have been around—but not with the performance of the Mavic Mini from DJI, the world’s leader in reliable, feature-filled drones. Mavic Mini folds to fit in a backpack, jacket or cargo pants pocket and weighs little more than your smartphone.

Mini is fast and goes exactly where you want because controls are simple and GPS is built in. It records high-definition, shake-free video and clear still photos, as you’d expect from DJI. And at 249 grams, or less than 8.8 ounces, the Mavic Mini is exempt from federal regulations, so you don’t even have to register it.

Mavic Mini features:

  • Lightweight: Just over ½ lb. 
  • Pocket size: 5.5x3.3x2.2 in. folded
  • Flight time: Up to 30 minutes
  • Range: 2.48 miles
  • Shake-free: 3-axis gimbal for smooth video
  • Quality video: 2.7K high-definition
  • Sharp stills: 12MP
  • Sharing: Easy recording, editing
  • Simple controls: 2-stick controller that links to and holds your smartphone

Everything You Need To Fly

In addition to the Mavic Mini, you get a remote controller, rechargeable battery, recharging cord, wall-outlet recharger, screwdriver for propellers, and carrying case. 

Included Controller

The remote controller links effortlessly to the drone on startup. It uses the downloadable DJI Fly app. Twin joysticks give complete directional control. When you attach your smartphone, you see live video streamed in 720p high-definition, information such as GPS location and speed, and command buttons. Press one button for takeoff, another for landing, one for Return To Home and another to see how much battery power is left.

The controller folds and the control sticks remove for easier storage and carrying.

Link Your Smartphone

To see what the Mavic Mini sees, attach your smartphone to the included remote controller. The controller adjusts to hold any compatible phone from .255 to .34 inches thick and up to 6.3 inches long. You may have to remove thick cases—no big deal. Phones that operate on iOS v10.0 or later or Android v6.0 or later are compatible. 

Save photos and videos to your phone and edit them on the DJI Fly app, then share.

Quality Camera

Mavic Mini has a high-performance camera to capture your adventures. Video is recorded in 2.7K high-definition at 30 frames per second. Stills are a sharp 12MP. Shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 second freeze action. Everything is captured through a big 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor.

The field of view is 83 degrees from a lens that is equivalent to 24mm in a 35mm format, an angle wide enough to capture big groups and plenty of scenery. Closer shots are accomplished by flying the drone nearer to the subject— when it’s safe to do so. 

Shake-Free Video

Mavic Mini’s camera is attached to a tiny motorized gimbal that cancels out drone movements on three axes. Even though the drone may be moving slightly while hovering, the camera is held steady. Video is stabilized, appearing smooth and shake-free. It’s a small-scale version of the same process that Hollywood filmmakers use. Gimbals are more precise than digital stabilization, which is more common on drones in this price range

Rich Stills

Mavic Mini’s 12MP stills are crystal clear and blur-free. DJI firmware makes details stand out, not wash out. Colors pop, making subjects look like they do to the human eye. Your girlfriend’s smile will be just as white, your boyfriend’s eyes just as blue, and a child’s hair just as brown and curly as in real life.

Want more than one shot? Mavic Mini’s camera can shoot stills at preset intervals, from every 2 to every 60 seconds.

Storing Images 

The DJI Fly app lets you store video and stills in your controller-connected smartphone. 

To make Mavic Mini store your photos and video internally, just insert a microSD card that you supply. A card slot is under the battery lid. Slip the card in, then snap the battery cover closed. Cards storing up to 256GB are available.

Edit Your Images

Using the included DJI Fly app, edit videos and stills to your liking. Add or remove music or apply templates.  

Help From GPS 

Satellite positioning with GPS—the same technology that sends you accurate directions while you’re driving—helps to simplify flight by: 

  • Letting you tell Mini how high and far to fly.
  • Telling you where Mini is.
  • Allowing Mini to fly back to the same spot it was when you interrupted flight to replace the battery.
  • Memorizing the drone’s safe route, enabling it to return home with one touch of the Return To Home command.
  • Helping Mavic Mini automatically land within inches of the spot where it took off. If Mini’s down-facing sensors determine that it’s not safe to land, Mini tells you so you can move it a few inches or feet and bring it down safely by using the controller.

QuickShots Flight Programs

Mavic Mini will help you take creative selfies and other interesting video. QuickShots pilot assist programs do the hard part:

Dronie. The camera locks onto the subject, backs up and flies upward as high as you choose, from 40 to 120 feet.

Rocket. The camera locks on the subject and flies straight up to a distance you set between 40 and 120 feet.

Circle. Set the distance and altitude and Mavic Mini will circle your subject. 

Helix. Set the altitude between 40 and 120 feet and Mini will fly up and away to that distance, circling the subject.

Of course, you can manually control the drone if you want a selfie that shows you and your friends or family. Move the drone back to get in more of the scenery that you’re enjoying, or closer for a tighter shot.

Cool Accessories

Drone Nerds has Mavic Mini accessories:

  • An extra Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Battery means more airtime and less waiting for a charged battery.
  • The Mavic Mini Two-Way Charging Bank can replenish up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries at a time and charge external devices, including your phone.
  • A stylish charging base keeps your drone primed for flight and on display at home. 
  • Recommended for indoor flight, a 360-degre propeller guard protects props and your drone against damage from barriers or crashes. 
  • The Mavic Mini DIY Creative Kit includes stickers and color markers to dress up your Mini, and wipes to erase your handiwork and apply a new look. 
  • The Snap Adapter includes small attachments for more fun, including an LCD screen for messages, 2 erasable pens and a building block. 
  • Mavic Mini Bag holds the Mini, controller, two-way charging bank, extra batteries and other accessories.
  • Spare propellers provide two pairs of propellers and screws, including extra screws.
  • Spare control sticks make sure your controller is always ready to go.
The Everyday Flycam. Fly As You Are.
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Mavic Mini FAQs

What’s in the box? In addition to the Mavic Mini, you get a remote controller, carrying case, rechargeable battery, wall-outlet charger, charging cable and screw driver for the propellers. 

Must I remove the battery to recharge? The battery can remain in the drone and be charged from a wall outlet by using the included charger and connecting cord.

How much data storage does the Mavic Mini have? You must supply and insert a microSD card to store video and still images aboard the drone. Required is a card that is UHS-I Speed Class 3 or above. Compatible cards up to 256GB are available. Imagery will cache automatically on your connected phone.

Where is the memory card slot? Under the battery cover. Installation takes seconds.

Is all video recorded in 2.7K? Only video saved to a microSD card that you supply and insert into the drone’s card slot is recorded in 2.7K. Video saved directly to your smartphone is in 720p, but 2.7K video saved to the card can be transferred in full resolution to your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Is live video streamed in high definition? Yes, in 720p at 30 frames per second.

Can I record at 60fps? Yes, in 1080p.

How is live video transmitted? Enhanced WiFi.

What is the maximum video bitrate? 40 Mbps.

What is the video format? Video is recorded in MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AV).

What is the still photo format? JPEG.

What is the still photo resolution? 12MP.

Can video and stills be edited? Edit on your smartphone with the DJI Fly app. Add or delete music, and apply templates. If you supply a microSD card and use it to transfer images to your computer or tablet, you can use other editing programs there.

Can I shoot selfies with a Mavic Mini? Yes, in video or stills.

Does Mavic Mini have QuickShots pre-programmed pilot aids for trick shots? Yes, four. To record that video you’ll need to supply a compatible microSD card and insert it into the drone’s card slot. 

Does Mavic Mini track moving subjects? No, but it does lock onto subjects during QuickShots maneuvers.

How do I share images? Save videos and stills to your connected phone. Edit them on your phone with DJI Fly and share. Or you can remove the microSD card that you supply and insert it into a card reader connected to your phone, tablet or computer, and edit and/or share from there.  

Can I fly Mavic Mini in extreme cold and hot temperatures? Fly Mavic Mini in temperatures from 32F to 104F.

Can I fly Mavic Mini in rain or mist? No.

Does Mavic Mini resist wind? Up to 8 mph.

Must I be able to receive a WiFi signal to fly the Mavic Mini? No, but you will need a WiFi signal to update firmware. After updating, you can disconnect from WiFi.

Can I fly using only my smartphone? No, you must use the included controller.

Can I connect an iPad Mini to the controller? Yes, but you’ll need a micro USB OTG cable, which you must supply.

How far does live video stream? Live video streams to Mavic Mini over the full range of 2.48 miles. 

What is the delay between my commands and the drone’s response, and between real time and streaming video? Latency is 170-240 milliseconds—a bit longer than it takes you to blink.

What is maximum flight time? Between 27 and 30 minutes per charge.

Are extra batteries available? Extra Intelligent Flight Batteries are available individually from Drone Nerds. You also can opt for the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, which includes the drone, three batteries, a three-battery charging bank, propeller guards and more. 

How accurate is hovering? Relying on GPS, the Mavic Mini will fly horizontally to within 4 feet of commands and vertically to within 18 inches. 

Does Mavic Mini have one-touch Return To Home? Yes. 

Is landing automatic with Return To Home? Yes, within a few inches of the takeoff point. If Mavic Mini detects a problem landing, it hovers nearby and awaits your commands.

Does Mavic Mini have burst shooting? No, but it can take automatic repeat exposures at intervals of 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 seconds.

Do I need tools to assemble the Mavic Mini? The Mavic Mini comes ready-to-fly, but you will need a screwdriver to change propellers eventually. The screwdriver is included. 

Do the propellers fold for storage? Yes, automatically.

Does the controller fold? Yes, and the control sticks remove.

How do I know when my battery must be recharged or swapped out? Press the power button on the controller once. If LEDs 2, 3 and 4 are not lit, and LED 1 is flashing, your battery reserve is less than 13 percent. Time to press Return To Home.

How do I know if firmware updates are available? DJI Fly tells you when you connect if firmware updates are available. Downloading is easy.

Are accessories available? DJI manufactures propeller guards, extra batteries and propellers, a battery charging bank, a variety of cords, a DIY Creative Kit to dress up your Mini, and snap-on accessories. All accessories are available from Drone Nerds.  


  • Aircraft
  • Gimbal Protector*
  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Remote Controller
  • Pair of Spare Propellers
  • Micro USB Cable
  • RC Cable (Micro USB connector)*
  • RC Cable (USB-C connector)*
  • RC Cable (Lightning connector)*
  • Pair of Spare Control Sticks*
  • Screwdriver*
  • Spare Screw*