CZI FT10 Spitfire Flame Thrower for Power Grid Cleaning


CZI FT10 Spitfire Flame Thrower for Power Grid Cleaning
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High-power green laser-aided aiming system "point where to hit"
There is no need to pass the camera during operation, adjust the aircraft attitude according to the actual fire effect to destroy the target object, and lock the target when the fire is sprayed.

Adjustable Direction Sprinkler
During operation, after initial positioning through the aircraft camera, combined with the visible green laser, there is no need to make any adjustments to the aircraft attitude, and the direction of the nozzle can be adjusted accurately to remove obstacles.

Gasification ignition head, no fear of strong wind
By vaporizing alcohol fuel and mixing it with air, it is ignited by a high-voltage arc, which greatly improves the success rate of ignition in a windy environment.

Nozzle valve
Achieve zero delay in fuel switch and solve the problem of fuel dripping.

Quickly separate fuel tanks for quick work and increased efficiency.

Powered by one-time compressed carbon dioxide
Replacing the high-voltage electric pump greatly increases the endurance of the aircraft and makes the operation more leisurely. At the same time, it is guaranteed to achieve an absolutely anaerobic safe environment in the system.

Adjustable pressure system, so that the fire distance can be adjusted to deal with various complex application scenarios.

The working weight of the whole machine is less than or equal to 3.1kg and does not block the aircraft sensor. It ensures the stability of battery life, and is designed to not block the aircraft sensor, which ensures the stability and safety of flight.

Independent control box system, easy to maintain and upgrade.

CZI FT10 Spitfire Flame Thrower for Power Grid Cleaning
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