DJI™ Phantom 4 Cases & Backpacks

Your DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter can be damaged in storage or transport, not just during flight. You need a Phantom 4 case — just in case. has all kinds of cases for your phantom 4: alligator cases, backpacks and briefcase styles. Drone Nerds offers cases from DJI, Case Pro, Plasticase Nanuk, HPRC, LowePro and GoProfessional.

Every Phantom 4 case will:

  • Protect your drone in storage and transport
  • Repel water, dirt and dust
  • Absorb shock
  • Ease transport with wheels, comfortable handles or shoulder straps
  • Store a tablet/monitor
  • Cradle a remote controller
  • Handle cables and cords
  • Store a charger, battery and spares
  • Accommodate spare propellers

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