Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case

Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case
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  • Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case  GPC-DJI-M200-2  Go-Professional-Cases
  • Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case  GPC-DJI-M200-2  Go-Professional-Cases
  • Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case  GPC-DJI-M200-2  Go-Professional-Cases
  • Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case  GPC-DJI-M200-2  Go-Professional-Cases
  • Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case  GPC-DJI-M200-2  Go-Professional-Cases
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With storage on two levels, the Go Professional Cases Matrice 200 Case can haul your drone, batteries, controllers, tablets or monitors, and everything else you need for a busy day at the jobsite. Both levels have precisely sized cavities for your DJI Matrice 200 quadcopter and accessories cut into the protective closed-cell foam. The case can accommodate a Matrice 210RTK instead of the Matrice 200.

A hard shell enclosure, the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case takes repeated abuse from handling, rough rides to job sites, trips on baggage conveyors and carts, and airline flights. The Matrice is a workhorse in the construction, engineering and public safety fields, with interchangeability of cameras. For that reason, the Go Pro case accommodates up to four different cameras.  

And it’s designed for effortless mobility. In addition to two fold out handles on the case that ease carrying, a third, pull-up handle and inline skate-style wheels on one edge of the case allow this Go Pro case to be wheeled out of the office or shop, through airports, and across paved surfaces.

Go Pro Matrice 200 / 201RTK Case features:

  • Case: SKB, molded
  • Weight: 28 lb.
  • Size: 26.50 x 26.54 x 15.65 inches
  • Configuration: Two layers of storage
  • Lockable: Steel-reinforced padlock clips
  • Dustproof/Waterproof: Military standard MIL-C-4150J; gasket seals lid and body together
  • Hinge: Active, molded in
  • Handles: Snap-down, cushioned
  • Pull handle: Injection molded, extended, industrial strength
  • Pressure equalization: Standard MIL-STD-648C
  • Foam: Water jet precision-cut closed-cell
  • Latch system: Trigger release
  • Resistance: UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus

Protecting the Matrice 200, Peripherals

The closed-cell foam protectant in the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case is precision-cut with water jets to snug up against your Matrice UAV and hold it securely in place. It does the same for accessories. The underside of the lid also is lined with foam padding, so there’s no slipping, sliding or clanking inside the case when the quadcopter and peripherals are properly inserted into the openings.

Space for Extra Batteries

The Go Pro Matrice 200 Case has cutouts in the foam for extra batteries: up to 14 TB50s, or 8 TB55 batteries, which provide longer flight time.  

With the Matrice 200 requiring two batteries to fly, that’s enough power for four flights on TB55 batteries, or seven flights on TB50 batteries. You’ll spend more time in the air and less time back at base. Just return when the battery reserve is low, remove the spent batteries and snap in fresh units from the case. In addition, there are cutouts for a charger and charging hub, so multiple batteries can be recharged after use.

Need even more battery storage? Drone Nerds offers the Go Pro DJI Matrice 200 Battery Case. It holds 12 TB55 batteries or 24 TB50 batteries. It can be carried onto an airliner because it’s compact enough to fit under a seat.

Two-Controller Operation Supported

Because the Matrice 200 is often used for professional applications, such as industrial or utility inspections, two operators use separate but linked controllers: one for the pilot, and one for the camera operator. Go Pro knows your needs, so it cuts the foam to accept two controllers, and there’s even space for two Cendence antennas. There are also two protective slots for smartphones/mini tablets or Crystal Sky monitors—one for each operator.

Extra Propeller Storage

You’re not flying anywhere if a propeller fails, and Go Pro knows that. A large interior cavity offers plenty of storage space for a full set of spare propellers, and for odds and ends.

Easy Transport

The Go Pro Matrice 200 Case makes transport easy and convenient. Two handles offer a choice: Carry the case vertically or horizontally. Both fold against the case when not in use. Another handle pulls out so you can pull the case along on its two inline-skate-type wheels. The pull handle is industrial strength and padded for comfort. The wheels and handle simplify airport navigation. The Matrice 200 case can be checked on an airliner as luggage but not carried on.

Resistance to Moisture, Dust, Prying Eyes

The solid SKB case uses a gasket around the opening between the body of the case and the lid. Once the case is latched tight, the solid exterior and gasket prevent intrusion by dust and water. That means the case provides extra protection in sandy or dusty areas, such as a beach, desert, farm or construction site, and in moist environments, where it’s raining or the humidity is high.

The latched case also has steel-reinforced holes to accept padlocks that keep unauthorized people from accessing your valuable, sensitive equipment.

Impact Absorption

The hard shell Go Pro Matrice 200 Case takes plenty of hard knocks, not uncommon on worksites or in airports. What’s more, the protective foam, precisely cut by water jets, further absorbs impacts and holds items securely in place.  

Pressure Equalization

A valve to equalize pressure inside the case with ambient pressure blocks dust and moisture from entering the case. It also allows potentially damaging moisture and heat to escape the confines of the case, further protecting equipment.


Top Tray:

  • 1 DJI Matrice 200/210/RTK (without camera (s) attached and landing gear removed)
  • 1 Controllers (Standard or Cendence)
  • 14 TB50s (including 2 on UAV) or 8 TB55s (including 2 on UAV)
  • 2 iPads or CrystalSkys (7.85” or 5.5”)
  • 2 Battery Chargers
  • 2 Charging Hubs with Adjacent Cable Storage
  • 3 Small Accessory Cavities
  • 1 Storage For 2 Sets of Props


Bottom Tray:

  • 1 Z30
  • 1 XT
  • 1 X4s or X5s (cavity under front camera mount (s)
  • 1 X5s lens case
  • 1 Controllers (Standard or Cendence)
  • 1 CrystalSky Battery Charger
  • 2 CrystalSky Batteries
  • 2 Small Accessory Cavities
Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description GPC Matrice 200 Case
Weight 101.0000
Manufacturer Go-Professional-Cases
UPC 857487006663
Video Resolution No
Lens Size No
Frame Rate No
XT Version No
Compatible With: DJI Matrice 200
Open Box No
Customer Reviews


How much does the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case weigh? 28 pounds.


How big is the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case? 26.50 x 26.54 x 15.65 inches


What can the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case hold? The case has two levels of storage. Top level: Matrice 200 or 210 drone, with camera(s) and landing gear removed; 1  DJI controller or 1 Cendence controller with antenna removed; 14 TB50 batteries or 8 TB55 batteries; 2 iPads or Crystal Sky monitors; 2 battery chargers and 2 charging hubs; accessories in small cavity; and 2 sets of props. Bottom Level: 1 Z30 zoom camera and 1 XT camera, or camera case; 1 X4s or X5s camera; 1 controller; 1 Crystal Sky battery charger; 2 Crystal Sky batteries; accessories in three cavities; and 2 Cendence antennas.


How many flights can be made with the batteries that the Matrice 200 case can carry? Four flights on TB 55 batteries or seven flights on TB50 units.


What if I need more batteries than what the Matrice 200 case holds? Drone Nerds also sells the Go Pro DJI Matrice 200 Battery Case. It holds 12 TB55 batteries (six flights) or 24 TB50 batteries (12 flights). It can be carried onto airliners.


Is the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case waterproof? It can resist spills and rain and it can float. It is not intended for submersion.


Does the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case resist dust? Yes. The seal that keeps out water also blocks dust. The foam that is cut to hold the contents of the case also fights dust. Even the valve that equalizes pressure inside the case with ambient pressure prevents dust and moisture from entering the case.


What other threats to equipment does the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case resist? UV rays, solvents, corrosion and fungus.


Why are there multiple handles? Two handles are mounted on sides of the case so it can be carried either vertically or horizontally. One handle pulls out so the wheeled case can be pulled over level surfaces in offices, warehouses, elevators, homes, airports or parking lots.


Can the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case be carried onto an airliner as luggage? No, because it cannot fit under a seat.


Can the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case be checked as luggage on an airliner? Yes.


Can the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case be locked? The case has steel-reinforced holes that will accept padlocks. The padlocks are not included.


Does the Go Pro Matrice 200 Case absorb shocks? Yes. The military-grade hard shell is capable of resisting blows during handling, and the foam interior holds the drone and peripherals snugly, further absorbing blows.


What are the benefits of pressure equalization? Any gas buildup inside the case is vented. It also helps to relieve excess heat and moisture, especially beneficial because the Matrice can fly in foul weather. Both moisture and heat have the potential to damage equipment. The vent also blocks dust and moisture from entering the case.

Must anything be removed from the Matrice 200 to store it in the case? Yes. The props and landing gear must be removed. The case has storage spaces for them.

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