DJI™ Inspire Antenna Upgrade

Antenna upgrades work wonders for a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter. The linear antennas on Inspire have a range of about 1.2 miles, limiting the 720p live video transmission and remote control signals. Linear antennas produce a relatively narrow signal. Contact can be lost even within range if the controller is poorly aimed, or if obstacles such as trees and buildings interfere. A helical antenna upgrade to the remote control and antenna booster to the drone overcome these problems. Professional installation by technicians is recommended.

Antenna upgrades offer these improvements:

  • Up to triple the range with a helical antenna upgrade to the remote controller
  • More dramatic results from a boosted antenna upgrade to the controllers
  • More reliability from a wider signal
  • Stronger video transmission with upgrades to the antenna on the Inspire 1 itself

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Inspire Circular Polarized Antenna Upgrade Kit

The FPVLR Phantom 3 Pro/Advance & Inspire 1 Circular Polarized Antenna Upgrade Kit increases Inspire range up to three times. Each kit contains two half-sphere antennas on a single board, a 3D printed mount for the antennas and two cables. When installed on an Inspire remote controller, the kit eliminates the nearly 26dbi signal loss that occurs when the standard controller is not aimed properly at the aircraft. You’ll get a better signal through trees and around buildings.

Inspire Circular Antenna Kit (Boosted)

The FPVLR Advanced Circular Antenna Kit for Phantom 3(Pro/Adv) or Inspire 1 (Boosted) can more than triple the range of your quadcopter. Each kit includes two half-sphere antennas on a single mounting board, a pair of 2.4Ghz amplifiers, an external battery and charger, and two cables. This boosted antenna upgrade eliminates the 26dbi signal loss that occurs when the controller and drone are not properly aligned. Signals amplified by this booster do a better job of penetrating wooded areas and circumventing tall buildings and other obstacles.  

Inspire 1 Air Side Booster Mod Kit

Boost the video signal coming from your Inspire for clear video transmission despite interference from trees, brush and buildings. The booster installs inside a leg on the landing gear. The kit includes the amplifier, a battery, charger, cables for installation and longer screws. Installation requires soldering. Professional Antenna Upgrade Install

Antenna upgrades are tricky, even for drone owners experienced at repairing their aircraft. Expert installation by DroneNerds DJI-trained technicians takes only a few days. Arrange for the upgrade online, send your remote controller or, in the case of the Air Side Booster Kit, the entire Inspire quadcopter, by parcel post. DroneNerds will return it after installing the antenna upgrades and testing the unit.  

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