DJI™ Ronin Gimbal System

The DJI Ronin Gimbal System provides camera stability for serious cinematic projects and commercial video. Ronin, Ronin-M and Ronin-MX gimbals are extremely versatile: They can be mounted on drones for aerial video, suspended on cable, mounted on tripods, attached to rolling vehicles or carried in a variety of handheld positions. They support many of the best medium-format cinematic cameras in the industry, including RED, Sony, Panasonic Lumix and Canon.

Ronin handheld gimbals provide three operation modes:

  • Upright: The gimbal can be flipped for easier eye-level viewing
  • Underslung (Suspended): Mount under a drone or on cables, or handhold close to the ground or out in front
  • Briefcase: Carry to the side like a briefcase to pass through narrow spaces, such as doorways or hallways

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DJI Ronin-MX + Matrice 600 Combo

Just unpack the box for pro-level aerial video capability. The DJI Matrice 600 hexcopter is engineered to lift payloads of more than 13 pounds, including the Ronin-MX gimbal and camera. This UAV is designed for cinematic production and industrial applications.  Equipped with the Ronin-MX and Lightbridge 2, the M600 drone offers unparalleled stability and control through the DJI A3 flight controller, plus real-time viewing of HD video on a tablet.

The tilt axis ranges from 90 degrees straight down to 135. A slip ring allows horizontal rotation of 360 degrees when mounted to the drone or rolling vehicles. Because of retractable landing gear, they’re out of the frame, and the quiet gimbal motors escape pickup by onset mics.  

When the GNSS system is augmented by Real-Time Kinematic technology, it is accurate to within a centimeter, surpassing compass positioning. And it better resists magnetic interference from steel structures, making it ideal in industrial applications.  

DJI Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer with Case or Extra Battery

Ronin bundles save money on equipment you want. bundles the Ronin-M with an extra battery or the Ronin handheld gimbal with a case. Each battery powers the Ronin for up to four hours. The gimbals support control by a second operator via DJI remote controllers.

DJI Wireless Follow Focus System for Inspire

With plus or minus 0.02 degrees of accuracy, the Follow Focus System puts precision focusing in your hands, even when the camera is mounted to a Zenmuse gimbal on your Inspire 1 drone. The remote controller tells the Focus to use its brushless motor to adjust the camera focus ring, whether it has individual stops or none. The controller is available individually.


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