DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal

DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal
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  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
  • DREN Eye Gimbal for DJI Inspire 1 - Thermal FLIR Gimbal EYE-01 DREN
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Compatibility with DJI Inspire 1 & DJI Matrice 200(coming soon)

  • Versatile and powerful

    The only system that allows you to change FLIR settings the via DJI GO app, like Color palettes and Scene (AGC).

  • Easy to use

    It takes only 5 seconds to mount under the drone. The Eye gimbal fully integrates with DJI Inspire 1 and Matrice 200 drones(M200 support coming soon).

  • Plug and Play

    The Eye gimbal is easy to use. Just plug it in and use advanced functions via the standard DJI Go app.

Be in control!

The Eye gimbal was designed specifically for FLIR VUE and VUE Pro cameras. It is based on the foundations of innovative coding that ACR Systems has been developing since the second generation of their gimbals. It not only provides perfect stabilization, but also full control over FLIR cameras.


Full integration with DJI drones, seamless configuration of camera, FLIR camera control and simple recording. The only system that allows you to change FLIR settings via the DJI GO app, like Color palettes and Scene (AGC).

Operating an enterprise drone with an infrared camera is an involved process, but the DREN Eye Gimbal simplifies it with more complete gimbal and camera control through the Remote Controller.

The Eye Gimbal employs technology developed by ACR systems and software that makes it work seamlessly with DJI programs and the aircraft. These technologies not only smooth the gimbal’s performance, but also make its control more ergonomic. With the Eye Gimbal mounted on a DJI Inspire 1 professional-level quadcopter and equipped with a FLIR camera, the pilot or videographer can control important gimbal and camera functions—including gimbal movement—right through the DJI Go flight app.

Enterprise users will derive more benefits from aerial infrared imagery. Firefighters will search for hidden dangers more readily and save lives. Police will track suspects and conduct nighttime surveillance more efficiently. Search and rescue teams will save time in critical situations. Security will cover more ground faster, with more detailed records. Industrial inspectors can zoom in more easily for closer looks at hard-to-reach infrastructure without endangering personnel, who remain on the ground.

DREN Eye Gimbal features:

  • Drone compatibility: DJI Inspire 1; Matrice 200 series compatibility under development
  • Camera compatibility: FLIR VUE Pro cameras
  • Stabilization: 3-axis gimbal, motorized; ACR Systems 32-bit processors and encoding
  • Operating Systems: Android or iOS
  • Onscreen Control: Using DJI Go, onscreen control includes the aircraft plus gimbal pan, tilt; color palette; scene (AGC); recording; zooming
  • Quick Mount: 5 seconds
  • Construction: Aircraft-grade aluminum

Quality Construction, International Pedigree

The Eye Gimbal springs from European design and parts manufacture. Its mechanics and electronics include European ACR Systems technologies. The manufacturer, DREN Robotics, engineers and produces automated products. Assembly is done in the United States.

Precision fit and durability go hand-in-hand with the Eye Gimbal’s aircraft-grade aluminum structure.

Quick Response, Smooth Performance

Enabling the DREN Eye Gimbal to perform so quickly and smoothly are ACR Systems technologies that are incorporated into the motorized gimbal. ACR has a track record for designing and building professional-level, high-performance handheld gimbals. Lighting-quick response of the 3-axis gimbal results from ACR’s 32-bit processors. Smooth operation of the motors springs from ACR’s digital encoding.    

Gimbal and Camera Controls Through DJI Go

DREN Eye Gimbal’s onscreen control through DJI Go brings all the mechanical and programming technology together. You do not need an extra, separate video display for the Eye Gimbal. All of the Eye Gimbal’s readouts and controls appear within the normal DJI Go control screen on the monitor linked to your Inspire Remote Controller.

With a FLIR VUE Pro camera mounted on an Eye Gimbal, you can use onscreen controls to:

  • Adjust the color palette for infrared images. Instantly identify hot and cold spots, and gradients.
  • Set scenes (AGC).
  • Tilt or pan by dragging a finger on-screen.
  • Record still or moving imagery with one button.
  • Zoom 1x, 2x or 4x while the quadcopter I flying by using a simple two-finger pinching motion on the screen of any device linked to the gimbal and FLIR camera.
  • Turn ActiveTrack on and off.

DJI Aircraft Compatibility

The Eye is compatible with the DJI Inspire 1, a powerful enterprise-class quadcopter that accepts interchangeable cameras and gimbals. It can be equipped with a range of high-definition video cameras or with FLIR VUE Pro infrared cameras, any of which can mount to the DREN Eye gimbal. The Eye gimbal attaches to the Inspire 1 with an X3 mounting plate.

The DJI Inspire 1 is a Ready-To-Fly quadcopter that can fly up to 50 mph with a maximum flight time of 22 minutes. Its modular design allows quick removal of the gimbal and camera for customization. It ships with a remote controller. A second, optional controller can be added in a master/slave arrangement: one controller for the pilot, the other for the camera operator. It flies precisely outdoors with GPS and indoors with visual positioning. The retracting landing gear on the Inspire 1 allow for a 360-degree unimpeded view from whatever camera is mounted, as long as the gimbal has that capability, which is built into the Eye Gimbal.

An Eye Gimbal is under development for the DJI Matrice 200 enterprise drone, a quadcopter that ships without a gimbal and camera, leaving the choice of those accessories to the buyer.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description EYE FLIR Gimbal
Weight 5.0000
Manufacturer DREN
UPC Does Not Apply
Video Resolution No
Lens Size No
Frame Rate No
XT Version No
Compatible With: No
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Product Manual

Product Info Sheet

What’s in the box? DREN Eye gimbal, manual.

Where does the gimbal technology behind the Eye Gimbal come from? ACR Systems developed the Gimbal processors and digital encoders? ACR is a European company that designs and manufactures handheld gimbals, including The Beast, that serve filmmakers.

Where is the Eye Gimbal manufactured? Parts are made in Europe. Assembly is in the United States.

Is the DREN Eye Gimbal easy to mount? Yes. Mounting takes five seconds and requires no tools.

How does the Eye Gimbal mount to the drone? Use an X3 mounting plate. The Tilt axis must be mounted to the right side of the Inspire 1.

How does the Eye Gimbal link to the Remote Controller? Linking is by Bluetooth, which may take about 2 minutes.

Is it difficult to configure the camera once it’s mounted on the gimbal? No, configuration with DJI Go is seamless and simple, accomplished on the device linked to the controller.

How do I know if initialization failed? The message “No SD Card” remains on your control screen.

How do I know if initialization is successful? The message “No SD Card” disappears.

Can I change FLIR cameras? Yes, but only one FLIR camera may be turned on when linking the Eye Gimbal and Remote Controller. The camera that is dismounted must be turned off.

Do I need a special app to use the Eye Gimbal’s special functions? No. Just mount and connect to the DJI Go 4 app.

Does the Eye Gimbal require an extra, separate video display? No. The display on the smartphone or tablet that you link to your Remote Controller for DJI Go is all you need. Controls for the Eye Gimbal are integrated into the DJI Go display.

Will the Eye Gimbal allow me to change color palettes and scene through DJI Go 4? Yes.

With what cameras is the Eye Gimbal compatible? The Eye Gimbal is compatible with all FLIR VUE and VUE Pro cameras.

Does the Eye Gimbal fully stabilize imagery? Yes. It is a 3-axis motorized gimbal. Video shot with a FLIR VUE and Eye Gimbal is shake-free.  

Does the Eye gimbal allow for 360-degree panning? Yes, rotation is full on the pan axis once the Inspire 1 landing gear are raised during flight and out of the camera view.

With which aircraft is the Eye Gimbal compatible? The gimbal is fully compatible with the DJI Inspire 1. A version that will be fully compatible with the Matrice 200 is coming soon.

Is the Eye Gimbal responsive to pilot/photographer input? Very. Its movements are powered by ACR 32-bit processors and smoothed by integrated digital encoders.

What material makes up the body of the gimbal? Aircraft-grade aluminum.

With which device operating systems is the Eye Gimbal compatible? Android and iOS.

Can I zoom while using the Eye Gimbal? Easily. Just use two finger to make the pinching action on your device screen for 1x, 2x and 4x magnification, just as you would or a snapshot on  smartphone.

How are tilt and pan movement controlled? Drag a finger on the display screen in the directions you want the camera to shoot.

How can I return to the gimbal’s starting position? Simply press the play button on the Remote Controller once.

Can photo formats be set through the Remote Controller? Yes, from a menu.

How is Follow Mode activated? By pressing the play button three times.


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