Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone

Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone
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  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone PF751000 Parrot
  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone PF751000 Parrot
  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone PF751000 Parrot
  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone PF751000 Parrot
  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone PF751000 Parrot
  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone PF751000 Parrot
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With a Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone, gathering data for NDVI—the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index—no longer requires expensive rental of satellite time and services. No helicopter, either. All you need is a compact, lightweight but sophisticated unmanned aircraft that you or an employee operates from the ground.

Parrot Disco-Pro AG drastically reduces the time and cost associated with crop inspection and crop mapping. Disco-Pro AG can cover 200 acres of crops at a 400-foot flight altitude on a single flight. That’s 200 acres in half an hour—far faster than you can examine crops from the ground, with greater detail, and with no crop damage.

The Disco-Pro AG gathers invaluable data. Its sophisticated onboard sensors can read color bands that, with the help of a cloud program, are interpreted into crop data. The data is even adjusted for the amount of sunlight at the time measurements are taken.

Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone features:

  • Flight time: 30 minutes
  • Range: 1.24 miles
  • Video streaming: 360/720p
  • Video recording: 1080p
  • Still resolution: 14MP
  • Stabilization: Digital
  • Batteries: 3 (2 extra)
  • Memory: 32GB internal for photos and video; 64GB for crop data
  • Controller: Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • Takeoff/landing: Automated
  • Positioning: GPS, GLONASS, flight program
  • Sensors: Multispectral and sunlight
  • Data interpretation: 1-year membership in AIRINOV FIRST +

Advanced Smart Agriculture

Farming is a sophisticated business that relies increasingly on advanced technology. Yield and crop quality are only as good as the science that goes into them. The Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone elevates the science of crop mapping and management to new levels as it soars 400 feet above your fields.

Disco-Pro AG records everything it sees in data that can be analyzed digitally to predict and increase yield, indicate plant disease, and protect plants and soil through the proper management of pesticides and irrigation.

Easy To Assemble

Disco-Pro AG must be assembled before each flight, but it’s simple and takes only a minute.

Made from two densities of high-impact EPP, or Expanded Polypropylene foam, Disco-Pro AG is tough. It snaps together with built-in, strong carbon connectors. You do have to make sure the connections with the flaps are properly linked.

The fuselage holds the battery and C.H.U.C.K., the control module, which receives commands and makes all in-flight adjustments for banking, ascending and descending, and for recording video and stills.

It also holds separate pods to make the scientific readings and recordings: the Parrot Sequoia, which records NDVI data, and the sunshine sensor, which reads ambient light and adjusts data accordingly.

Disco-Pro AG Is Easy To Fly

Parrot Disco-Pro AG is easy to launch, fly and land.

Disco-Pro AG launches from your hand, safely and effortlessly. It returns to you and lands automatically on flat ground once you command it to.

Tell Disco-Pro AG where to go and it obeys. The Skycontroller 2 remote controller has twin joysticks and one-push buttons for commands.

Surveying a field for NDVI data is made simple through automated commands. Use the FlightPlan software and your smartphone or tablet to draw on a satellite map the field you want Disco-Pro AG to survey. You determine the overlap. Disco-Pro AG will go there and make all the turns and runs automatically. Disco returns to you with the raw data you’ll use to make important decisions on crop management.

Long Range, Live Streaming

Disco can fly 1.2 miles from your base of operations. It will receive your commands over that distance. If you fly beyond the range of your signals, don’t fret: Disco is programmed to return to you if the signal is lost.

It also will stream live video of the flight over its entire range. Live images are transmitted at clear 360p or 720p, even while the camera actually records at higher-definition 1080p.

Disco-Pro AG’s Precise Positioning

The Parrot Disco-Pro AG goes precisely where you want it to go.

GPS makes it possible to deploy your agricultural drone with pinpoint accuracy. If you bring Disco home to get a fresh battery or because you need to tend to other business, Disco-Pro AG returns to the precise point were it left off.

Disco-Pro AG’s Sophisticated Sensors

Not just any drone can gather NDVI data, or do it accurately.

Disco-Pro AG is equipped with the Parrot Sequoia, an electronic instrument that gathers the data by measuring light coming off your crops and fields. It is basically the same process that satellites have used for years in doing NDVI measurements.

Sequoia is compact but highly capable. It fits in a protective indentation shaped for it on the bottom of the Disco-Pro AG. Sequoia consists of electronics and four cameras. Its four cameras capture four types of light, including two infrared bands invisible to the human eye:

  • Green (550nm BP 40nm)
  • Red (660nm BP 40nm)
  • Red Edge (735nm BP 10nm)
  • Near infrared (790nm BP 40nm)

Not only does Sequoia capture these light readings, but it also adjusts for speed and height of the aircraft, and for sunlight at the time the readings are taken. So even if the day goes from sunny to partly cloudy or completely overcast, your readings will be accurate. The sunshine sensor attaches in an indentation on the top of your Disco-Pro AG.

In addition, the Sequoia has a downward-facing RGB camera. It can snap up to one full-color image a second of crops and fields.

All images taken by Sequoia are geotagged. That means you’ll be able to determine the exact location of the field or portion of the field in each image and in each piece of data.


To have your data analyzed and made into usable maps, you must upload it to AIRIN0V +, a crop analysis service that operates in the cloud. It’s simple. A one-year membership in AIRINOV + is included in your purchase.

AIRINOV + uses your data several ways. It creates an absolute NDVI map and an adjusted NDVI map. A simple zoning map with three zones allows quick analysis of your crops. A detailed NDVI map has seven zones to help you recognize field variations and guide you in developing a plan for Variable Rate Application.

Infrared readings can also help to identify moisture levels. Infrared readings also assist in spotting crop diseases, so you can respond with prompt and proper treatment.  

Quality Video and Still Photos

The Disco’s FPV camera records in 1080p high definition at 30 frames per second. That’s the same definition that you see on most high-def TV screens. It shoots stills at 14MP—better than many handheld cameras and cell phones.

The lens has a 180-degree fisheye view, so it takes in sky as well as the ground when flying.

Although the camera is fixed, it gives a simulated tilt for a ground view by relying on its digital stabilization software. There is no gimbal to stabilize the camera, but the program removes the most of the shakes and movement from the video. You can still see the canted horizon that flying as a passenger or pilot in a plane would give you.

Recording formats include JPEG, and DNG and RAW, which allow for greater editing of images from your computer.



  • Area Coverage: 80ha (200ac) in a single flight at 120m flight altitude (400ft)
  • Range: Up to 2km with Parrot Skycontroller 2, in an unobstructed area free of interferences
  • Ground resolution: 14.8cm/px (5.5in/px) at 120m (400ft) flight altitude
  • Automatic flight plan powered by Pix4Dcapture mobile app
  • Hand launch for take-off
  • Automatic landing


  • Weight: 780gr | 28oz without Parrot Sequoia
  • Take Off Weight: 940g / 33oz with Parrot Sequoia & mount
  • Size : 1150x580x120mm (45x22x5in)
  • Wingspan : 1150 mm (45 in)
  • Removable wings for transport


  • Photo: 14Mpx wide angle camera
  • Video: 1080p Full HD
  • Video streaming: 360p / 720p
  • Internal Memory: 32GB


  • Range: Up to 2km with Parrot Skycontroller 2, in an unobstructed area free of interferences
  • WiFi AC-type, 2 bi-band antennas (2,4 and 5GHz)


  • Battery life : 30min with Parrot Sequoia
  • 2700 mAh / 25A 3 cells Lipo Battery


  • Airspeed sensor (Pitot tube)
  • Built-in GPS + GLONASS
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Altimeter
  • Ultrasound
  • Optical flow camera


  • Resolution: 16 Mpx, 4608x3456 pixels
  • HFOV: 63.9°
  • VFOV: 50.1°
  • DFOV: 73.5°


  • Resolution: 1.2 Mpx, 1280x960 pixels
  • HFOV: 70.6°
  • VFOV: 52.6°
  • DFOV: 89.6°


  • Green (550nm BP 40nm)
  • Red (660nm BP 40nm)
  • Red Edge (735nm BP 10nm)
  • Near infrared (790nm BP 40nm)


  • Dimensions: 59x41x 28mm (2.3x1.6x1.1in)
  • Weight: 72 g (2.5 oz)
  • Photo mode: Up to 1 fps
  • Internal storage: 64 GB built-in storage
  • Inertial measurement unit & magnetometer
  • Power: 5 W (~12 W peak)


  • Dimensions: 47x39.6x18.5mm (1.8x1.5x0.7in)
  • Weight: 35 g (1.2 oz)
  • 4 spectral sensors (same filters as body)
  • GPS
  • Inertial measurement unit & magnetometer
  • SD Card slot
  • Power: 1 W


  • Up to 150 ha / 370 acres processed per week
  • Unlimited surface for the first processing
  • AIRINOV reports includes:
  • Absolute NDVI map: index value from -1 to 1
  • Adjusted NDVI map
  • Simple zoning map: NDVI map divided in 3 zones
  • Detailled zoning map: NDVI map devided in 7 zones
Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description
  • NDVI Mapping
  • AIRINOV First+ Maps
  • 3 Batteries
  • Remote Control
  • Ready to Fly
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What’s in the box? Parrot Disco-Pro, Parrot Sequoia, 3 batteries, Skycontroller 2, backpack, 2 chargers, 3 adaptors for countries, USB to micro-USB cable, quick start guide, Parrot Sequoia user guide, 1-year subscription to AIRINOV First + agricultural cloud mapping platform.


How big is Disco? Fully assembled, Disco is quite big, as drones go. It has a 45-inch wingspan. It measures a 23 inches from its front to the rearmost edge of the wings.


Is it hard to transport? No, Disco-Pro Ag transports easily in the included case. The wings pull off after flight to make storage more convenient. The case is designed to be worn as a backpack.


Does the case have room for more than the drone? Yes. You can also carry extra batteries, your remote controller and a charger.


Do I have to make adjustments to Sequoia? No, it does everything automatically, including adjustments to ambient light. You will have to calibrate the compass, which takes less than a minute.


How much data can I process on AIRINOV FIRST +? Up to 370 acres per week, with unlimited area on the first processing.


What do AIRINOV FIRST + reports include? An absolute NDVI map, with an index value from -1 to 1; and adjusted NDVI map; a simple zoning map, which is an NDVI map divided into 3 zones; and a detailed zoning map, which is an NDVI map divided into 7 zones.


What is C.H.U.C.K.? This is the flight controller. All the electronic brains of the Disco are in a red box called C.H.U.C.K. — Control Hub and Universal Computer Kit. It receives commands, relays commands, and makes sure all the servos for steering the Disco work properly.


What is the Disco’s top speed? 49.7 mph.


How high can it fly? 492 feet.


What is the range — how far away can Disco fly and remain under control? 1.24 miles.


What happens if I fly too far? Return to Home activates automatically, and Disco comes back into range.


Is Disco GPS-equipped? Yes. It enables precise positioning and recognition of fields and even parts of fields.


How does Disco take off? Power it up, hold it away from your body, and toss it into the wind. The rest is automated: Disco soars above and loiters, awaiting your command.


Is landing difficult? It’s really easy. You have a choice of two landing modes: One is a linear landing, and the other is a circular landing. As Disco nears the surface on its approach, it automatically cuts off power and floats the last few feet of its descent.


What are the advantages of the two landing modes? The linear approach is narrower but longer. The circular approach is wider but shorter. Your choice depends on the area where you want to land.


Won’t the propeller break on landing, since it extends below the body? No. The propeller is designed to fold back to prevent breakage.


Must I continuously steer Disco over the field I want to survey? No. Use the automated FlightPlan to delineate on a map where you want Disco-Pro AG to work, and even how much you want it to overlap on its passes. Give it the command, and it gets to work.


Does the Disco-Pro AG apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer? No, it only gathers data for crop mapping so you can make smart decisions on those applications.


How do I know which transmission frequency to use, 2.4 or 5GHz? Parrot Disco-Pro AG automatically chooses the frequency with the least interference. It will toggle back and forth if necessary.


Why two memory capacities? The 32GB is for recording stills and video. The 64GB is or recording NDVI data.


Can I increase memory? You can insert an optional SD card for additional Sequoia memory, or for recording data from an individual flight.


Is the Sequoia replaceable? Yes.


What is the resolution of the video? High-definition 1080p, shot at 30 frames per second.


What is the resolution of still photos? 14MP.


Is the camera mounted to a stabilizing gimbal? No.


Is the video stabilized? Yes, digitally. An onboard computer program removes the shaking and movement from the video. The results are very good.


Does the lens zoom? No.


Is the lens interchangeable? No. The lens is fixed.


What is the field of view? About 180 degrees.


Can the aperture be adjusted? No. It is set at a relatively wide f2.3.


Do I see what the camera sees? Yes, in 360p or 720p, by linking your smartphone or tablet to the controller.


Can the FPV camera give me a ground view? Yes, it can. It doesn’t actually turn to point toward the ground. Instead it uses the digital video stabilization to give a ground view.


Is the foam construction strong? Yes. EPP is valued for its ability to absorb impact. That’s why EPP is used for packaging sensitive products, including computers. There are two EPP densities on Disco, with the denser, stronger of the two composing leading edges that absorb most of the impact upon landing.


What if I crash or hit an obstacle and break something. Are parts available? Yes. You can buy such replacement parts as propellers, the wings, the central body (fuselage) and motor.

How do I repair Disco-Pro AG? You can do routine repairs, such as replacing the propeller or a wing, yourself. You can also obtain quick, affordable professional repair services from

In The Box

In the box

  • 1 Parrot Disco-Pro
  • 1 Parrot Sequoia
  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Backpack
  • 2 Chargers 3 country adapters
  • 1 cable usb to micro-usb
  • 1 Quick start guide
  • 1 Parrot Sequoia user guide
  • 1 Year subscription to AIRINOV First + agricultural cloud mapping platform
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