DJI™ Matrice 600 Parts & Accessories

DJI Matrice 600 parts and accessories from help you outfit your hexacopter to suit your particular needs. The Matrice 600 is highly customizable, especially important in industrial applications. Its gimbals and cameras are interchangeable, and it accepts expansion bays. We stock or can order the parts you’ll need to complete customization.

Matrice 600 parts and accessories allow you to:

  • Mount and connect gimbals and cameras
  • Choose a gimbal/camera combination, including a camera with up to 30X optical zoom
  • Replace the antenna
  • Add an extension bay for custom or third-party instrumentation
  • Add batteries singly or in multiples
  • Charge batteries in a hub or carrying case
  • Reduce transporting to one case
  • Add IMUs and GNSS units
  • Improve command by adding a remote control

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Gimbal Mounting, Connecting Hardware

The Matrice 600 comes without a gimbal or camera. To mount either the X3 or X5 gimbal, a bracket is available. It includes screws, hardware and vibration absorbers. The Z15 gimbal requires a separate gimbal connector package, which includes wiring and hardware.

High-Performance Cameras

Two Zenmuse cameras with optical zoom are available. Both are on 3-axis gimbals for shake-free video and sharp stills. The Zenmuse Z3, ideal for industrial applications and still photos, can use its 3.5X optical zoom while shooting 4K video or 12MP stills. At 1080p video, a 2X digital zoom can be added for 7X lossless HD video. The Zenmuse Z30 camera, for firefighting and industrial inspections such as cell towers, bridges and buildings, has a 30X optical zoom. With its additional 6X lossless digital zoom, it has a total 180X magnification. The Z30 can shoot 4K video at long range.

DJI Matrice 600 Upper Extension Bay Kit

Extension bays allow safe and secure mounting of third-party and custom instrumentation. The Matrice 600’s 13-pound payload ensures responsive performance when even multiple extension bays are used.

Intelligent Flight Batteries, Charging Hub, Battery Case

The M600 can use either the TB47S or the TB48S Intelligent Flight Batteries, which extend flight time. Each is available individually. Since the Matrice 600 uses six batteries, a TB47S six pack saves hundreds of dollars. A DJI Hex Charger can charge six batteries and two remote controller batteries simultaneously.

The DJI Matrice 600 Battery Case can hold 18 batteries — three sets to keep you working. It also can hold two Hex Chargers, which can replenish batteries right in the case. Standard wheels ease transport.

GoProfessional Matrice 600 Hard Case

This three-tiered plastic case carries your M600 flying platform and has 37 cavities for accessories. It holds 12 M600 batteries and three charging hubs. In addition to spaces for Zenmuse gimbals, it has room for a Ronin-MX and four Ronin batteries. There’s a box for an X5 camera, plus cavities for a Follow Focus and wireless lens control. Two iPads and tablet hoods also will fit. Wheels are optional.

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