DJI™ Matrice 100 Bundles

You get a lot of features at an affordable price when you choose the DJI Matrice 100 flying platform. Opt for a Matrice 100 bundle from Drone Nerds to get even more for less money than you would pay separately for the quadcopter and accessories. Matrice 100 bundles serve agriculture, engineering, emergency services and law enforcement.

Bundled with the drone are such accessories as 3-axis gimbals; extra batteries and charging hubs; storage/travel cases; NDVI cameras for crop mapping; FLIR thermal-imaging cameras; cameras with optical zoom capabilities up to 30X; and guidance systems that work precisely when GPS is unavailable.

Every Matrice 100 includes:

  • Ready To Fly non-soldered assembly
  • Four motors, adjustable arms for more torque
  • Acceptance of expansion bays for instruments
  • Accommodation of interchangeable gimbals/cameras
  • Landing gear that retract from the camera fame
  • Remote controller
  • GPS for precise positioning
  • Safe return home on command or if the signal is lost
  • Range up to 3.1 miles
  • Flight time up to 30 minutes
  • DJI Go flight program that interfaces with a tablet
  • Intelligent Flight Batteries and charger

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DJI Matrice 100 + Zenmuse Z3 Optical Zoom Camera Bundle

The Zenmuse Z3 Optical Zoom Camera enables aerial photographers to focus in on a subject with a 3.5X optical zoom. Zooming aids industrial inspections of power lines, cell towers, bridges and buildings, and search and rescue operations. The Z3 shoots 4K video or 12MP stills, with Adobe DNG RAW support for advanced editing.  

Matrice 100 with Guidance System, FLIR Thermal Camera

The FLIR thermal camera is a mainstay of industrial inspections, firefighting and security/law enforcement. FLIR cameras produce images of heat sources, so they also record night video and stills. DJI offers two Matrice 100/FLIR camera bundles: the FLIR 336, which scans at 336/60 frames per second, and the 640, which scans at 640/30fps.

Buyers may choose a lens from three focal lengths. Bundles include a DJI visual guidance system, with centimeters-accurate positioning, even without GPS, to an altitude of 65 feet.

DJI Matrice 100 Agricultural Bundles

Choose from two agricultural bundles: the Matrice 100 with DJI Zenmuse X3 NDVI Mapping Camera Kit, and the Matrice 100 Smarter Farming Kit – Powerd by PrcisionHawk.

The X3 NDVI mapping kit includes a Zenmuse X3 camera permanently converted to measure Normalized Difference Vegetation Index data. Farmers can map up to 123 acres from one spot. The Smarter Farming Kit can map up to 160 acres in a single flight. It includes two X3 cameras — one for RGB photography and one for multispectral images. It also provides one year of licensing for using PrecisionHawk’s Data Mapper analytical software.

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  • Covers Impact, damage, malfunctions and liquid damage
  • Unlimited claims (deductibles apply)
  • Covers everything included in box!
  • Covers begins 31 days after purchase

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