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The DJI Matrice 210 Quadcopter is designed for adaptation to engineering and inspection uses, and to search and rescue and firefighting operations. The Matrice 210 and Matrice 210 RTK-G are precision flying platforms. Powerful Intelligent Flight Batteries power each M210 drone to extended flight time, and built-in dust- and weather resistance allows use in adverse conditions. Remote control and a long range keep inspection, rescue, law enforcement and firefighting personnel safe.

Top Matrice 210 features:

  • Accepts top-mounted camera; one or two bottom-mounted cameras
  • Accommodates fixed-range, zoom, thermal and micro four-thirds cameras with interchangeable lenses, including zooms
  • Has ports to connect third-party sensors, instruments; compatible with DJI software developer kit
  • Long range of 4.3 miles
  • Extended flight up to 38 minutes

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Additional Matrice 210 Features

  • Reliability from redundant sensors, including compass, GPS, dual IMUs, three barometers
  • Centimeter-accurate navigation with available D-RTK module
  • Live video up to 1080p
  • Live data sharing with remote locations
  • Increased awareness of manned aircraft
  • Dual frequencies: 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz

Matrice 210 Capabilities

The Matrice 210 surpasses the single-camera M200 by accommodating two downward-facing cameras simultaneously. Shoot digital stills or 4K video with one camera; record thermal images with the other. Mounting one upward-facing, top-mounted camera is ideal for bridge and building inspections. Obstacle avoidance sensors face forward, up and down. The M210 can be equipped with dual batteries for more flight time.

M210 Applications

Industrial inspections are safer with the Matrice 210, and time can be halved with dual cameras. Firefighters can shoot digital images, even in smoky environments with blown spray, to detect internally burning roofs and walls. With a thermal camera, search and rescue teams can explore mountains, brush or ice for missing people before setting out.

They can take rescue dogs to spots where heat indicates a victim in earthquake or collapsed building debris. And law enforcement can send a thermal M210 to detect fugitives in woods, brush or darkness ahead of tracking dogs.

M210 Flight Management

Enterprise users benefit from DJI Pilot. Pre-plan precise routes with just a few taps on the screen. The Matrice 210 is compatible with DJI’s software developer kit, which aids flight planning, data collection, analysis and integration of instruments. The M210 tracks subjects, circles designated points of interest, locks onto a subject while moving, and safely navigates narrow environments.

Compatible High-Performance Cameras

Drone Nerds sells the Zenmuse X4S (24mm equivalent lens, 1-inch 20MP sensor, f2.8-f11, mechanical shutter, 1/2000); Zenmuse X5S (micro four thirds sensor, 20.8MP, eight available lenses from wide angle to zoom); Zenmuse XT (FLIR thermal imaging); and Zenmuse Z30 (30x optical zoom, 6x digital zoom) for M210 mounting.

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