PowerVision PowerEgg Drone

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone
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  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone PEG10 PowerVision

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If you’re wondering which came first — the quadcopter or the Egg — the answer is the quadcopter. The Egg is relatively new. We’re talking about the PowerVision PowerEgg quadcopter. The PowerEgg is the second coming of the consumer drone.

PowerEgg gets its name from its shape. It looks like a giant egg when you fold in its four legs, the arms that support its four motors, and its propellers. All that folding makes PowerEgg highly portable. Don’t worry about this Egg’s shell, which is a tough but pretty polycarbonate.

More important, PowerEgg is powerful, maneuverable, capable of recording high-definition 4K video and 12MP stills from a stabilized camera, aerodynamic and the most distinctive quadcopter available.

And PowerEgg allows gesture-based control, as well as more traditional control from a handheld remote.

Every PowerVision PowerEgg features:

  • Foldable arms, propellers and landing gear
  • Gesture controller and traditional controller
  • 3.1-mile range
  • 4K video/12MP stills
  • Compatibility with iOS or Android
  • GPS positioning
  • Optical and sonar positioning for indoor flight
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Flight planning
  • Follow-me mode
  • Target orbiting
  • Aerial selfies


Complete Control

The PowerEgg makes flying easy. Take-off? One button. Return home safely? One button. Landing? Yup — one button, and then it lands automatically. When it takes off, PowerEgg will automatically ascend to an altitude where it stops, hovers and waits for your command. You can reset to a different height if you want.

It comes with two controllers. The Maestro allows you to use hand gestures to point your drone in any direction. A more traditional remote controller with twin joysticks allows precise movement, including indoors. Both work through a compact base station that you can easily clip on and wear, or set down nearby. The controllers will work if they’re within 32 feet of the base station. Each component has its own rechargeable battery. A charger is included.

You see what your PowerEgg is doing by linking a smartphone or tablet to your remote controller. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Fly Far and Fast, and Pause

The PowerEgg has four powerful motors mounted on arms that you unfold upward from the drone’s egg-shaped body shell before flight. The propellers also unfold from their storage position. Landing gear unfold downward from the body.

The motors propel the it to a top speed of 29 miles per hour. PowerEgg can ascend at 11 mph and descend at up to 4 mph.

Want to stop quickly? Just press the “pause” button and it will stop and hover, again awaiting your next command.

You can control your PowerEgg up to 3.1 miles from the base station.

High-Performance Camera

The camera on your PowerEgg shoots ultra-high-definition 4K video. Stills are shot in 12MP resolution, higher than on many handheld digital cameras. The CMOS sensor measures 1/2.3 inch. Video and stills are saved to a 64GB microSD card.

The camera can take time exposures as sharp as with a ground camera and tripod because the camera is stabilized. It also is capable of time-lapse video. Shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 second freeze motion, and with burst of 3, 5 or 10 frames per second, you’ll capture plenty of action.

You’ll see what your camera sees as it flies, streamed live in 1080p high definition. Your PowerEgg will beam its images 3.1 miles.

Stabilizing 3-Axis Gimbal

The camera is mounted to a 3-axis gimbal. The gimbal allows the camera to stay level while it’s shooting, canceling out the drone’s movements and vibrations. That means your video is shake-free and your stills are sharp. It’s the same principal that filmmakers use to shoot the movies you watch in theaters and on TV.

Want to shoot a close-up? Slow your drone and take advantage of its precise control to move closer to your subject.

Share Your Images — Instantly

The PowerVision PowerEgg app lets you share video and stills instantly to Facebook, Wechat and Instagram. You can also download everything to your computer, where you can do all the detailed editing you want on your computer programs, then share anywhere and anytime you want.

Obstacle Avoidance

If something is in the PowerEgg’s path, the drone will sense the object and avoid it. It uses sonar signals to sense obstacles, plus it has vision sensors, which are especially helpful for safe indoor flight.

Flight Modes

Several program modes help you fly the drone and use the camera.

Flight planning allows you to draw a route on a map before you fly. PowerEgg will follow it. Add waypoints, and it will stop at each one and circle to record imagery.

If you want to record your own activities — if you’re biking, jogging, hiking a trail, kayaking, whatever you do for fun — just carry the base station with you. The PowerEgg will track the device, recording your every move.

If you want to shoot an object from every angle, let the PowerEgg know, and it will circle and record.

Your PowerEgg also shoots selfies. It will take care of everything once you give the command. It even observes a safety zone around the base station so it won’t get too close to you.

Precise Positioning

The PowerEgg has precise positioning capabilities. It receives signals from two satellite networks, including GPS. That means it can even go right back to where it left off if your shooting session is interrupted by a low battery.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description
  • Egg Design Ultra Portable
  • 23 Min Flight Time
  • 4K UHD Recording
Weight 20.0000
Manufacturer PowerVision
UPC 852123007240
Video Resolution 4K
Lens Size No
Frame Rate No
XT Version No
Compatible With: No
Open Box No
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What’s in the box? PowerVision PowerEgg quadcopter, base station, PowerEgg Smart Battery, charger with four out ports and cords, Maestro gesture controller, handheld remote controller, PowerEgg display stand.

How much does the PowerEgg weigh? 4.6 pounds.

How big is the PowerEgg? It’s about the size of a rugby ball. PowerEg has a diagonal measurement of roughly 17.5 inches.

What is the base station? The remote controllers communicate with the base station. The base station relays the commands to the drone.

How far away from the base station can the remote controller be? 32 feet.

How far can the PowerEgg transmit its live video signals? 3.1 miles.

What is the latency of the base station’s signal transmission? 300 milliseconds.

How often must the base station be recharged, and how long does it operate on one charge? Recharging takes about 5 hours. A charge runs the base station for about 2 hours.

Is the base station big? No. It’s about the size of a pocket-sized paperback book.

Why does PowerEgg have two controllers? The Maestro allows you to use hand gestures to control the PowerEgg’s movements. Just point in the direction you want the drone to go, and it responds. The traditional handheld twin-joystick remote allows more precise flying, including indoors.

Why is it shaped like an egg? Why not? It’s portable, folds up nicely, and it looks totally cool.

What operating systems are compatible with the PowerEgg app? You can use a phone or tablet operating on iOS 8.0 or later, or Android 4.2 or later.

How do the devices connect to the remote controller? They connect with cords.

Is the 23-minute maximum flight time a real-world figure? That’s in ideal laboratory conditions. Figure on a few minutes less flight time in the real world. PowerEgg will tell you when the battery is running low. Just press the safe return home button and your drone will come back to you.

What is the maximum speed? About 29 miles per hour.

How fast can the PowerEgg climb? About 11 mph.

How fast can the PowerEgg descend? About 4.5 mph.

Does the PowerEgg have satellite placement for accuracy? Yes: PowerEgg receives signals from the American GPS and the Chinese DeiBou.

Does the PowerEgg avoid obstacles? Yes. It uses the visual and sonar sensors to detect nearby objects.

Can the PowerEgg fly indoors? Yes, using the obstacle sensors.

What is the camera’s video resolution? 4K ultra-high-definition at 30 frames per second.

Is the lens interchangeable? No.

Does the lens zoom? No, but you can achieve close-ups by slowing the drone and moving closer to your subject.

What is the length of the fixed lens? It is equivalent to a 20 mm wide-angle lens in a 35mm format.

What is the field of view? 95 degrees.

Is the aperture adjustable? No. It is fixed at a respectably wide f2.8.

What is the ISO range? The ISO can be set at automatic, 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600.

Is the camera stabilized by a gimbal? Yes. A 3-axis gimbal prevents video from shaking.

How far can the camera pan? The camera can pan a full 360 degrees.

Are the landing gear in the camera frame? No. The landing gear retract automatically into the body after takeoff. Retraction comes at fixed altitude, which the operator can set.

How much storage does PowerEgg have? PowerEgg uses a 64GB microSD card, which is the maximum.

How big is the CMOS? 1/2.3 inch.

What is the resolution of still photos? 12 MP.

Can stills be shot in bursts? Bursts of 3/5/10 fps are available. Auto exposure bracketing allows bursts of 3/5/7 fps.

What shutter speeds are available? Shutter speeds range from 8 seconds for time exposures to an action-stopping 1/8000 second.

Can PowerEgg shoot time-lapse exposures? Yes. The gimbal stabilizes the camera, allowing the long exposures.

What tracking programs are available? Several tracking programs aid photographers and videographers: Follow Me follows the controller, so it essentially follows the pilot. Orbit Mode circles a designated subject. Cable Cam Mode allows you to draw a flight plan with waypoints on a map. Selfie Mode allows self-portraits to be shot by gestures.

Is takeoff difficult? One button activates a fully automated takeoff. At a predetermined height, the drone stops, hovers and waits your next command.

How do I bring the PowerEgg back to base? Just hit one button for a safe return home.

Is landing difficult? Push a button and the Poweregg lands automatically.

What is “safe user distance”? It’s a safety radius around the operator. The drone will stay a certain distance from the operator for safety. The operator can adjust the distance.

What is Smart Maximum Distance Mode? Before each flight, the operator can establish the maximum flying distance for the aircraft. You can determine how far out the drone will fly, and how far laterally. It’s especially helpful for beginners.

What happens when I press the “pause” button? It’s like a brake. The drone will stop and hover, awaiting your next command.

In The Box

In the box

What’s in the box? PowerVision PowerEgg quadcopter, base station, PowerEgg Smart Battery, charger with four out ports and cords, Maestro gesture controller, handheld remote controller, PowerEgg display stand.

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