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The Sublue Whiteshark Mix underwater scooter takes the work out of underwater fun. With the Whiteshark Mix, you’ll move along as fast as a professional swimmer, but without having to expend the energy it takes to kick constantly. Use it while snorkeling, or while scuba diving, with a maximum operating depth of 130 feet.

Sublue equips each Whiteshark Mix with two motors and two propellers, giving it more thrust than single-rotor underwater scooters can produce.

The battery is rechargeable and replaceable, so you can charge and stock extra batteries before you begin your underwater adventure. Just surface and reload, then get back to exploring beneath the surface.

Features of the Sublue Whiteshark Mix underwater scooter:

  • Top speed: 3.35 mph
  • Maximum depth: 130 ft.
  • Safety: Covers over the motor housing openings; two triggers requiring simultaneous activation for propulsion
  • Battery: Lithium-polymer, 11,000 mAh
  • Low power monitor: LEDs continuously et you see your power resere, so you’ll know when you should resurface for a fresh battery
  • Runtime: 30 minutes (real world)
  • Size: 15 x 5.5 x 4.7 in. (8.5 inches tall if floater attached)
  • Weight: 6.4 lb.
  • Noise level: 50 dB
  • Camera mount: On base, accepts GoPro Hero 5 (camera not included)

Easy To Use

The Whiteshark Mix is powerful, but it’s not complicated. Each of the two ergonomic handles has a button—squeeze both, and off you go. The Sublue scooter goes where you point it, so steering is a cinch. Release just one button, or both, and the propellers stop turning, giving you time to explore.

You’ll move along at up to 3.35 miles per hour—about the speed of a professional swimmer. You’ll approach the top speed while snorkeling, and travel a bit slower but deeper—down to 130 feet—if you’re wearing scuba gear, including tanks.

Easy To Transport

With a compact size that belies its capabilities, and a mere 6.4-pound total weight, Whiteshark Mix is easy to store and carry. Stow the scooter and all your accessories inside the included carrying bag. The battery and scooter can be checked on commercial airline flights.

Safe for You and the Environment

Whirling propellers are no threat to fingers or faces when they are properly shrouded, and that’s the case with the Sublue Whiteshark Mix. In addition to having solid motor and propeller housings, the Sublue scooter has a rigid safety net over the openings of each housing. The safety features keep fingers out and, in the event of a mishap, away from facial features and toes.

Included with the scooter is a tether that slips unobtrusively over a wrist. If you lose your grip on the scooter, it turns off immediately, and the tether lets you reel it back in. Mount the included float device, and the scooter will rise to the surface, where you can retrieve it.

The Sublue Whiteshark Mix also is quiet. Its 50 decibel sound level lets you get close to underwater life without threatening, harming or frightening it.


Every Whiteshark Mix scooter comes equipped with a mount for a GoPro camera on its base. Add a GoPro Hero 5 camera, available from Drone Nerds, and you can record your subsurface explorations in 12MP stills or ultra-high-definition 4K video. The Hero 5 can operate down to 33 feet without a housing.

Color Choices

The Whiteshark Mix main body comes in any one of three body colors: Arctic White or Aqua Blue, which have white accents, or darker Space Blue, which has yellow accents.

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