Parrot Pot Smart Gardening System - Black

Parrot Pot Smart Gardening System - Black
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Parrot Pot Smart Gardening System - Black PF901000 Parrot Parrot Pot Smart Gardening System - Black PF901000 Parrot Parrot Pot Smart Gardening System - Black PF901000 Parrot
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We’ve all been there — two hours into the trip and you say, “I forgot to water the plants.” Instead of eagerly awaiting a fun time, you’re languishing over coming home to dead plants.

Now you can keep your house plants watered autonomously — for up to a month — with the Parrot Pot Smart Gardening System, available from Drone Nerds. Parrot Pot is a life saver — or at least a plant saver — for people who travel, work late hours, or just have a lot of things to do every day because of family responsibilities.

Enjoy that vacation! Do all the things that crowd your to-do list without worrying about — or tending — your plants every single day. Parrot Pot takes care of just about everything.

You’ll still have to feed and water your plants, but not daily, and not even every week. The Parrot Pot is smart: It learns how much and how often to give the plants what they need.

Warning: You’ll still have to talk to them.

Parrot Pot features:

  • Drop irrigation
  • An electronic brain that figures out the plant’s life-cycle
  • Plant Sitter mode for extended absences
  • Alerts and recommendations for best plant health
  • Sensors for light, water, soil temperature
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • UV-resistant container

Tough, Versatile Planter

The Parrot Pot is 12½ inches tall and 8.1 inches wide. It holds small to medium-sized plants and enough water for up to a month — perfect if you’re going out of town.

It’s made from plastic that resists degradation by ultraviolet rays. That’s important if you keep your plants where they get lots of sunlight, which is loaded with UV rays. It also means you can use the pot outdoors. Use it to help you maintain plants on a porch, in a sunroom, in a screen enclosure, on a deck or patio, or by an entry. And at the office, where just getting a cup of coffee sometimes is an insurmountable task, the Parrot Pot is invaluable.

Because it’s deeper than it is broad, it will fit neatly inside many decorative clay or plastic pots, or inside a floor vase.

Powering the Pot

The Parrot Pot runs on batteries, but there is no expensive, purpose-made battery to purchase. It just uses off-the shelf AA batteries from a discount store. It ships with 4 batteries, which power its sensors, and help it send alerts and operate the watering function. Those batteries should power the pot for about a year. When you think about it, that means you’ll have to buy more batteries and insert them only half as often as you change the battery in your smoke alarm.

Flower Power App

Parrot helps you become a good gardener.

To take advantage of everything the Parrot Pot can tell you, you must download the Flower Power app for either an iOS or Android smartphone. The app has a database of plants; you select your plant. Occasionally connect to the pot by Bluetooth and load in the information it gathered on soil temperature, water consumption and fertilizer levels. The information is uploaded to the internet, where you can access it and the tips Parrot Pot gives you.

Monitoring Water Levels

One of the pot’s sensors monitors the water level. When the level drops too low, and it’s time to replenish the reservoir, the Parrot Pot will tell you. No kidding. You’ll receive an alert on your smartphone.

Automated Watering

Watering will be done for you. Now, don’t underestimate how valuable that can be in a busy life. But also don’t think it means you can buy a plant and forget it.

Watering probably will be done every day or every day and a half or so. Parrot Pot holds 2.2 liters of water — about 2.3 quarts. When it’s low or dry, you’ll just have to add more water, and Parrot Pot will take care of the watering chore from there.

You’ll also have to fertilize as needed, although Parrot Pot will help you figure out how often and how much.

Manually watering the plant is possible, too, with the touch of a watering button on the pot.



PARROT POT The "Perfect Drop" irrigation system waters your plant when it needs it. The Parrot Pot automatically adapts to the plant's natural life-cycle and ajusts water consumption accordingly, giving your plant just the right amount of water at the right time. Enjoy lush, thriving plants!



The Parrot Pot's self-watering "Plant Sitter" mode ensures up to a month of unattended care for your plant. Keeps your plant alive and healthy by adjusting watering levels. Leave with peace of mind and find healthy, happy plants when you return home. PLANTS FLOURISH ON HOLIDAY



HAPPY PLANTS The Parrot Pot's four built-in sensors monitor light, temperature, soil moisture and fertiliser levels in real time. Sends out customised recommendations and alerts to help you better care for your plant. Getting greenfingers has never been so easy!



The Parrot Pot is autonomous, wireless and runs on 4 AA batteries. Perfect for the home, garden, or office – it goes with everything! What's more, the Parrot Pot's sturdy, anti-UV treated ABS plastic cover only requires minimal upkeep. customize vendetta
Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description
  • Capacitive soil moisture sensor (measurement range: 0 to 50%)
  • Fertiliser level sensor
  • Light sensor: 0 to 1000 μmol m-2. s-1
  • Air temperature sensor: 0°C to +55°C
  • Rain and water resistant (IPX5 rating)
SKU PF901000
Weight 10.0000
Manufacturer Parrot
UPC 035204100385
Video Resolution No
Lens Size No
Frame Rate No
XT Version No
Compatible With: No
Open Box No
Customer Reviews


What’s in the box? Parrot Pot, 4 AA batteries, Quick Use Guide.


How big is the Parrot Pot? 12½ inches tall, and 8.1 inches wide.


Can the Parrot Pot be used inside a more decorative pot? Yes.


Can the Parrot Pot be used outdoors? Yes.


Does the Parrot Pot resist UV rays? Yes.


What is the Parrot Pot made of? ABS plastic.


What is Flower Power? It is the system of sensors and a smartphone program that collects data in the Parrot Pot.


Must I actively collect the data from the Parrot Pot? No. Once you have Flower Power installed and activated, it should connect by Bluetooth pick up data anytime you are near the pot. The data is uploaded automatically to your Flower Power account on the internet, which you must access to see.


How long does data remain? If new data is not picked up within 30 days, existing data will remain for 80 days.


How does the Parrot Pot monitor water level? It has a sensor that knows when the water level in the reservoir gets low.


How often does Parrot Pot monitor soil moisture? Every 15 minutes. When it senses that the moisture is too low, it waters automatically.


Does the Parrot Pot apply fertilizer too? No. It only alerts you to fertilizer levels when you check your online account.


How does the Parrot Pot alert you? It sends the data to your account, which you access by smartphone.


How much water does the Parrot Pot reservoir hold? 2.3 quarts.


How long between water fill-ups? That depends on conditions and the plant, but generally speaking, about every two or three weeks. If set on the holiday mode, the water can last for about a month.


Does the Parrot Pot actually do the watering? Yes, as long as you have water in the reservoir. Its watering frequency depends on its reading of soil moisture.


How does the Parrot Pot monitor fertilizer levels? It has a blade that actually senses electric conductivity in the soil. It interpolates that into fertilizer levels.

Why would data from the Parrot Pot say “Not Available” for fertilizer? If fertilizer levels are too high in soil that’s constantly wet, you get this message. You should flush the soil with water until water comes out the drainage holes.


How accurate is fertilizer data? To within 20 percent.

Plants have differing needs. How does Flower Power know what plant I have? You choose your plant from the database when setting up the program. That establishes a baseline for measurements.

In The Box

In the box

  • 1 Parrot Pot
  • 1 Quick use guide
  • 4 AA batteries
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