Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles

Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles
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Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles PF726205 Parrot Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles PF726205 Parrot Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles PF726205 Parrot Parrot Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit Includes R/C + FPV Goggles PF726205 Parrot
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The Parrot Bebop 2 is the “Me Too” drone. It may be a consumer-aimed product, but don’t kid yourself: The Parrot Bebop 2 is a fast, strong performer, a lot of fun, and capable of high-definition video.

The Power Edition FPV Kit — FPV is First Person View if you’re new to drones — includes the handheld Radio Controller and Goggles. Earlier Parrots flew by using WiFi to connect directly to a smartphone or tablet. The Parrot 2 flies either way. And the goggles? These are an “ooh”-and-“ah” addition that make you feel like you’re really flying — what drone enthusiasts call an immersive experience.

Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit features:

  • Automated takeoff and landing
  • Safe return to home command
  • Dual control — radio controller or smartphone/tablet
  • Range of 1.24 miles
  • Digitally stabilized video
  • High-definition1080p video
  • 14MP resolution stills
  • Up to 30-minute flight time per charge
  • Extra battery
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Cockpitglasses 2 (goggles)
  • GPS positioning and FollowMe mode
  • Pre-determined flight zone limits
  • Battery charger

Why Bebop 2?

The Parrot Bebop 2 ought to have a button that says “Start Here,” because for many owners, that’s exactly what they are doing — using the Bebop 2 as a starter drone to get into the hobby. Still, it’s a radio-controlled quadcopter that shoots electronically stabilized video and sharp stills. It can soar and dive, hover, and perform acrobatics.

If you have a younger pilot in mind, Bebop 2 is a good compromise between performance and price. It has performance stages that allow you to learn, then advance.

Bebop 2 costs hundreds of dollars less than drones that have many similar capabilities. It’s relatively easy to control, and unlike some more expensive drones, it can be flown with just a smartphone or tablet, without having to cart along the radio controller.

Bebop 2 is tough and more resistant to damage than some bigger drones. It has fewer moving parts to wear out and break. The body shell is made of carbon fiber, renowned for its strength, and Grilamid, a plastic used widely in the automotive industry for its damage resistance.

The compact size also makes transport easy, even in an ordinary backpack.

Thrilling Flight

Want speed? Bebop 2 can top 37 mph.

Bebop 2 can fly up, down and around when you command it to, and it can stop and hover. If you don’t want to fly over a certain area — over nearby houses, maybe, a ball field where a game is being played, or a schoolyard where small children are playing — you can predetermine a limited flying area for your drone. Like a skilled athlete running a sideline, it will stay in bounds.

Much of what Bebop 2 does, including takeoff, return home and landing, requires you to press just one button.

Bebop 2 can fly 1.24 miles from you, and it can stay aloft for about 25 minutes.

You can command your drone by using the Skycontroller 2 radio remote control, or by using just your smartphone or tablet. The Freeflight Pro app, which enables all the commands, downloads at no charge.

High-Performance Camera

The Bebop 2 camera records high-definition video — 1080p at 30 frames per second. It also shoots high-resolution stills, at 14MP.

And it stabilizes the video, so the finished product is largely shake-free. Rather than using a gimbal to steady the camera as the drone moves, the Bebop 2 uses a program to steady the video images. It digitally edits out movement on 3 axes, similar to how a 3-axis gimbal would prevent camera movement physically.

FPV: See What Your Drone Sees

With First Person View, you see live what your drone’s camera sees. While video is recorded at 1080p, it transmits to your smartphone or tablet at a sharp 720p. FPV is great for racing.

Goggles: Immersive Flight

Don the included goggles, the Cockpitglasses 2, for a whole new view. Viewing your drone’s flight through the goggles is the closest you’ll feel to true flight. Your feet will be firmly on the ground. Don’t believe it? Just switch to Direct View and you’ll see your controller, your drone — yes, and even your feet — without having to remove the headset or flip it up.

The view and feel that the goggles provide are ideal for racing your drone.

Share Your Images

Freeflight Pro lets you share your video and sills. Imagery is stored in an 8GB internal memory. You can download those images to your computer. Use the computer programs you would normally use on your Mac or PC to edit video and still photos. Bebop 2 can shoot in JPEG mode, or in DNG or RAW, which give you more editing power.

Intelligent Flight Modes

The Bebop 2 Power Edition helps you create — and capture —the video you want. Magic Dronies, part of the included Follow Me program, allow the operator to press a button and have the Bebop 2 perform specific aerobatics while it shoots: Orbit, Tornado, Parabola or Boomerang. You’ll be at the center of it all, and your surroundings will be recorded at a variety of breathtaking angles.

Follow Me Mode

Normally an optional pay service, Follow Me is included in the Power Edition FPV Kit. Linking to the signal with your smartphone or tablet, Bebop 2 follows along, wherever you go. Record your physical feats, whether you’re biking, rowing, hiking or climbing,  to share with friends and family. Use it to record your baseball swing or the way you kick a soccer ball to improve your technique. Once the imagery is in your computer, play it as often as you like on your bigger monitor and compare it with subsequent video sessions.

Return to Home Mode

Bringing your drone back to base is one-button simple. Just press the Return Home command and your Bebop 2 turns and comes back to you. And the Return Home function automatically triggers if the signal from your controller or tablet is lost for any reason — even if you accidentally fly too far away.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description
  • Includes Parrot Skycontroller and Parrot Cockpitglasses
  • Over 1 Mile Range
  • 60 Minute Total Battery Life
  • 14MP Camera
SKU PF726205
Weight 15.0000
Manufacturer Parrot
UPC 3520410045530
Video Resolution 1080P
Lens Size No
Frame Rate No
XT Version No
Compatible With: No
Alt SKU No
Open Box No
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What’s in the box? Parrot Bebop 2 Power quadcopter, Parrot Skycontroller 2 radio remote controller, Parrot Cockpitglasses 2, 2 Power batteries, 4 propellers, charger with cable and 4 plugs, assembly tool, USB cable, smartphone and tablet support, Follow Me service, and quick start guide.


Is the Bebop 2 Ready To Fly? Only minor, non-soldered assembly is required. It takes minutes.


How do I see what the Bebop 2 sees? You must link your smartphone or tablet to the included radio controller by cable, or directly to the Bebop 2 by WiFi, and download the FreeFlight Pro program. You can also slip your smartphone into the included goggles to see video streamed live.


Must I use the included radio control to fly? No. You can use your smartphone or tablet alone if you wish.


Are the two included batteries used simultaneously? No. One is a spare, so you can return to base, swap out the depleted battery for a charged battery, and get right back in the air. That means almost an hour of flight interrupted by just one short stop.


How long can I fly on each battery? 25 minutes.


Is the video shot in high definition? Yes. The video is recorded in 1080p — typically what you see on a high-def TV screen.


Can I share my video? Absolutely, through the program you download, or from your computer after you download the video and edit it.


Do I see the transmitted images in 1080p? No, images are transmitted in 720p, which is still considered high definition. It’s quite sharp.  


How far can Bebop 2 transmit its images? 1.24 miles.


How far away can I fly the Bebop 2 and maintain control? 1.24 miles.


What happens if my command signal is lost? Bebop 2 will automatically start its return to home within a set time — say, 15 seconds — after signal loss. So, if you’re not monitoring distance and fly too far away, it should not be a big deal.


What if my drone doesn’t return? Not likely, but in that case, the Locate My Bebop feature uses GPS to show you where it is on a map.


What else does GPS do? It positions your drone precisely, aids flight programs, and enables the drone to tell you where it is.


What is the Geofence? It is a pre-set, adjustable, defined area within which your drone will stay during flight. It’s especially good for novice pilots and young users, and for avoiding certain areas.


What is the top speed of the Bebop 2? 37-plus miles per hour.


Can I race the Bebop 2? Sure, in an open, safe area. The built-in FPV camera shows where you’re going. Pilots racing Bebops against other Bebops is common. The drones are identical, so pilot skill is the big factor.


How do I know if my battery is low? Bebop tells you onscreen.


Is the camera mounted to a gimbal for stabilizing the video? No.


Is the video stabilized? Yes. The video is digitally stabilized, removing the movements and vibrations of the drone when recording. You’ll be impressed.


Can the camera move? Yes. The camera can pan right and left.


Is the camera or lens interchangeable? No. Each is permanently mounted.


Does the lens zoom? No, but you can shoot close-ups by slowing your drone and moving closer to your subject. Hover and shoot!


What is the viewing angle of the lens? 90 degrees.


Is the aperture adjustable? No. It is set at a wide f2.3.


How big is the sensor? The Bebop 2 has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS, the same as on many drones costing twice as much.


Is 14MP a high resolution for still photos? It’s higher than on many handheld digital single-lens reflex cameras. It’s also higher than on many higher-cost drones.


In what formats are stills recorded? Shoot stills in JPEG, or in DNG or RAW for more detailed editing on your computer.


What do the Cockpitglasses 2 goggles do? The goggles deliver an immersive flight experience. You’ll feel as if you are really flying.


Can Bebop 2 follow me as I do all my activities, such as running, hiking and biking? The Bebop 2 Power Edition FPV Kit includes Follow Me with GPS tracking. It will follow you as faithfully as your dog, tracking your linked smartphone or tablet and capturing moving and still images of you at your active best.


What are Magic Dronies? They are additional photographic maneuvers by the Parrot FollowMe program, including 360-degree panorama shots, parabolic, circling and dramatic out-and-in moves. Each works with a single button.


Can I draw a flight plan on a map for Bebop 2 to follow? Only if you have the Parrot FlightPlan program. It is available online.

In The Box

In the box

  • 1 Parrot Bebop 2 Power
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Parrot Cockpitglasses 2
  • 2 Power batteries
  • 4 propellers
  • 1 charger + cable + 4 plugs
  • 1 assembly tool
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 smartphone and tablet support
  • 1 quick start guide
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