Mavic Thermal Solutions

DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum thermal solutions from Drone Nerds bring the first truly affordable quadcopters equipped with simultaneous 4K video and thermal imaging capabilities. No longer is it necessary to land a drone and change cameras to switch from one type of camera to another. Nor is it necessary to buy much more expensive four- or six-rotor drones that accept interchangeable cameras or allow mounting two interchangeable cameras simultaneously.

Mavic Pro and Mavic Platinum dual-imaging drones are ideal for first responders, including police and fire departments; search-and rescue operations; prison details; and private and campus security companies. Thermal imaging senses the heat emitted by fire and human bodies, even when they are hidden by darkness or walls, or covered by vegetation, snow or debris.

Thermal-solution Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum drones let you stay on budget without giving up functionality.

Features of Mavic series thermal solutions from Drone Nerds:

  • Extreme portability from compact size, light weight, folding arms
  • Foldable remote controller
  • 4K video and thermal imaging seen live and recorded
  • 12 MP still images
  • FLIR Boson thermal imaging camera and mini DVR
  • 4.3-mile range
  • 40 MPH top speed
  • Up to 27- or 30-minute flight time, depending on model
  • Outdoor/indoor flight capability
  • 7-inch Diversity monitor for viewing live thermal transmissions
  • Stable, highly controllable flight
  • Obstacle Avoidance

Drone Nerds Quality Modifications

Drone Nerds technicians take advantage of the light weight and compact size of FLIR Boson thermal imaging cameras to mount one of them on a Mavic body in addition to the standard DJI still-and-video camera. They also mount a Hawkeye mini DVR recorder to store thermal imagery.

The mounting of the additional equipment, which weighs only a few ounces, does not cause the performance of the DJI Pro or Pro Platinum drones to deteriorate.

Importance of Drone-Mounted Thermal Imaging

A FLIR thermal camera simply allows its user to see what the human eye cannot.

There’s smoke everywhere. Is it a safe spot to vent a roof, or an area weakened by the inferno underneath? A thermal drone helps you see, protecting firefighters from injury.

Is it just a mountainside covered by tons of snow after an avalanche, or a live burial place for three skiers who need help now? Thermal imaging senses and records the heat from their bodies, helping to direct rescue efforts.

A stray dog is in the warehouse at 3 a.m.—or is it an armed intruder? Security teams using drone-mounted thermal imaging can see the heat given off by either and help personnel follow a safe course of action. They can also see moving bodies at night along perimeters, in parking lots or on heavily landscaped campuses.

Where in the rubble of a collapsed building are a mother and her baby clinging to life? A thermal-equipped Mavic, covering a broad swath of debris, spot a heat plum sooner than a dog could. It tells search-and-rescue where to direct the life-saving dogs to confirm aerial discoveries, saving critical time.

Which way did he go? An escapee hiding in brush can’t hide from a heat-sensing, drone-mounted thermal camera. He can be found at night or in daylight, and recorded on sharp video or in stills when he breaks into the clear. Identification confirmed.

Advantages of Dual Imaging

Having dual-image-capabilities has marked advantages over using drones with only one capability or the other. There’s no need to fly two drones, each mounted with one type of camera. There’s no need to return to base to switch cameras if there’s only one drone.

With two cameras, one drone can track subjects and gather evidence. That helps in prosecutions, and it assists in producing training video.

Range of Mavic Thermal Solutions

Match your needs to any of these Mavic thermal solutions from Drone Nerds:

All come Ready To Fly.

Backed by Drone Nerds Expertise

Nobody knows civilian drones better than Drone Nerds technicians, who are DJI-factory trained, expertly directed and employed by the biggest DJI-licensed tech facility in the U.S. The modifications they perform are reliable, capable and worthy of your trust.

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