Thermal Drone Packages

The two most important tools in aerial thermal imaging are an infrared camera and a drone to carry it. Drone Nerds has drone and thermal imaging camera bundles designed for savings and effective performance. Packages feature either the DJI Inspire 1 or Matrice 100 flying platforms. Cameras are from the versatile FLIR XT line, made by DJI for high performance when drone-mounted for aerial video and still photography.

Applications of these bundles include police surveillance, firefighting, search and rescue, and industrial inspections, including building, cell phone tower, power line and solar panel inspections.

Drone Nerds thermal drone packages include:

  • Choice of one fixed-length lens
  • Ready-To-Fly capability
  • Camera that’s properly balanced for drone mounting
  • Factory-mounted 3-axis gimbal for stabilizing
  • Compatibility of camera operation with flight control program
  • Long-distance control of the drone and camera
  • Live transmission of images to a video display or computer

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Thermal Imaging and Law Enforcement

Thermal drone packages aid police in nighttime surveillance and tracking in darkness or daylight. At night, a thermal drone can hover almost silently and record movement of suspects without lighting. Although tracking dogs aim pursuit in the right direction, a drone can speed ahead, regardless of the terrain.

Its thermal camera can detect moving heat sources — the fugitives — through dense brush and trees. The ability of these cameras to detect heat can also signal the presence of an illegal grow house.

Thermal Drones and Firefighting

Can a roof that appears not to be burning safely support the weight of firefighters? Is a room away from the visible blaze burning on the other side of an exterior wall? A thermal drone reveals hidden fire by recording the level of heat at a firefighting site. It signals a safe approach — and saves lives. Once a fire is under control, it can detect hotspots, helping to prevent flare-ups.

Thermal Industrial Applications

Thermal video and still images help engineers and technicians discover heat sources. Thermal imaging can detect heat or weak spots on roofs, or heat leaks in a building’s thermal envelope.  Thermal images also help to show proper performance during power line inspections, solar cell inspections, and cell tower inspections.

How Search and Rescue Uses Thermal

Natural disasters, including earthquakes, and manmade calamities, such as building collapses and explosions, leave insurmountable debris. Hidden survivors may be clinging to life. Highly trained dogs can sniff them out, but that takes hours or days.

Thermal drones quickly scan large areas of rubble from above. The thermal camera senses and transmits images of heat sources — quite possibly people buried alive. Thermal images help direct rescue teams and their dogs to the spots where survivors are likely to be found.

Total Control of Drone, Camera

Both the Inspire and Matrice 100 quadcopters have prolonged flight time and long range — up to 3.1 miles. The drone and FLIR XT camera, mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, are controlled remotely. An optional extra remote controller allows the pilot to fly the drone and the photographer or technician to operate the camera.  

Thermal images are streamed live to a video monitor or computer.

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