NDVI Cameras

Precision farming depends on NDVI — Normalized Difference Vegetation Index — as measured by specially adapted infrared cameras mounted on drones. Precision agriculture employs data gathered by the NDVI cameras and interpreted by the DroneDeploy.com subscription service to forecast yields, identify dry fields, solve drainage problems, rotate crops and choose seed varieties.

DroneNerds.com has DJI NDVI cameras for the Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4, Inspire 1 and Matrice 100 quadcopters. NDVI cameras from Drone Nerds offer:

  • Reliable, precise crop mapping
  • Compatibility with DroneDeploy.com data analysis services
  • Light weight
  • Mountable on quality DJI drones, depending on the camera: Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4, Inspire 1 or Matrice 100
  • Operation through the DJI Pilot app

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NDVI Phantom 3 Professional Camera Unit

Here’s the least expensive way to do reliable crop mapping. Made by DJI to fit the Phantom 3 Pro, this camera swaps out for the standard Phantom 3 gimbal and camera. Once installed, it is capable of detailed crop mapping.

Since the Phantom Pro is not engineered for routine gimbal and camera interchangeability, the NDVI camera routinely stays in place on the Phantom 3. Drone Nerds technicians can perform the upgrade for you.

NDVI Phantom 4 Camera Unit

This DJI NDVI camera is custom-designed for Phantom 4 platforms. It attaches by swapping out the standard Phantom 4 gimbal and camera for the NDVI camera and its mount.  The Phantom 4 platform is not engineered for routine gimbal and camera interchangeability, so the NDVI camera routinely remains in place on the Phantom 4.

NDVI X3 Camera Unit for Inspire 1 & Matrice 100

DJI designed this NDVI camera and mount for the Inspire 1 and M-100 flying platforms. Since these drones are engineered with interchangeable gimbals and cameras, the changeover is simple. After installing the NDVI camera, it is possible with the Inspire 1 and M-100 to routinely swap out the NDVI unit for the drone’s standard camera and gimbal.

Bottom Line

Because the camera and gimbals on the Phantom drones are not designed to be interchangeable, you may want to purchase a DroneNerds professional installation. Arrange and pay for the installation online, print out your shipping label, pack up your drone and send it off. It will be returned in a few days after installation and thorough testing by Drone Nerds technicians.

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