Agriculture Drone Solutions

Drones have entered almost every phase of farming, starting with soil and field analysis and continuing through most phases before harvest. Unmanned aircraft are doing their chores in considerably less time than had been required with traditional equipment, and at considerable savings.
Information gathered by properly equipped drones produce 3D maps for soil and field analysis. Farmers use the drone-generated analyses to plan better seed-planting patterns.

Platform Options

AeroVironment Quantix

  • RGB & NDVI Images
  • Fully automated flight operation
  • AV DSS Software for Precision AG
  • Scout 400 acres in 45 minutes

Quantix™ was developed for on-farm reliability and features a durable, lightweight airframe with a one-meter wingspan and carbon fiber spar reinforcement. Vertical takeoff and landing provides for the safest flight operations, while protecting valuable on-board cameras.

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DJI Agras MG-1S Octocopter

  • A3 Flight Controller
  • Radar Sensing System
  • Precision Spraying
  • Detachable, Optimized Mechanical Structure

The Agras MG-1S integrates a number of cutting-edge DJI technologies, including the new A3 Flight Controller, and a Radar Sensing System that provides additional reliability during flight. The spraying system and flow sensor ensure accurate operations. When used with the MG Intelligent Operation Planning System and the DJI Agriculture Management Platform, a user can plan operations, manage flights in real-time, and closely monitor aircraft operating status. The MG-1S is a high performance aircraft capable of offering comprehensive solutions for agricultural care.

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DJI Inspire 1 With NDVI Mapping Camera

  • Modified X3 Camera with NDVI Lens
  • Near-infrared imagery
  • Scout crops with precision
  • Ease of use in Inspire package

This upgraded Zenmuse X3 brings near-infrared (NIR) imagery to your DJI Inspire, so you can measure NDVI and scout crops with precision — as easily as you can fly your Inspire drones. Quickly identify problem spots with your NDVI-upgraded DJI drone.

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DJI Matrice 100 Quadcopter Platform

  • Compatible with multiple payloads
  • 49MPH Top Speed
  • Customizable mounting of components
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors optional

The DJI Matrice 100 is a professional GPS drone that lets you custom-build a flying camera or data collection system to meet industry-specific needs. Whether you’re monitoring a farm, fighting fires, maintaining security, conducting search and rescue, or inspecting cell towers, roofs or power lines, attach the instrumentation you need. Fit out the Matrice 100 flying platform yourself or use our tech team.

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Parrot Bluegrass Agricultural Quadcopter

  • Sequoia Multispectral Sensor
  • AIRINOVFirst+ Maps
  • Automatic Flight Pans
  • Full HD Video Camera

With its Full HD video camera on the front of the drone, this solution allows farmers to visually monitor their infrastructure, land and herds. Thanks to the advanced multispectral sensor designed for precision farming and the use of the Airinov First + data analysis solution, farmers benefit from a turnkey solution to ensure the health of their crops.

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Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone

  • NDVI Mapping
  • AIRINOV First+ Maps
  • 3 Batteries
  • 30 Min Flight Time

With a Parrot Disco-Pro AG Agriculture Drone, gathering data for NDVI—the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index—no longer requires expensive rental of satellite time and services. No helicopter, either. All you need is a compact, lightweight but sophisticated unmanned aircraft that you or an employee operates from the ground.

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Payload Options


DJI FLIR Zenmuse XT Cameras

  • Thermal Cameras
  • 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Radiometric Available
  • Infrared scanning at 640/336
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Micasense RedEdge Sensor

  • Blue, green, red, red edge, near IR
  • Multispectral sensor
  • Plant health analysis
  • 175 grams
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Parrot SEQUOIA Sensor

  • Multispectral Sensor
  • Wi-Fi & USB Connections
  • Incorporates GPS for accuracy
  • Take action at the micro-plot level
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SlantRange 3P Sensor

  • Agriculture sensor
  • Poweful on-board analytics
  • Radiometric calibration
  • Narrow-band multispectral
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